152 deg in the attic today at 1 pm

And I have seen it hotter.
There has to be a point where the temp it too high to go in there. I did it in 15 min and I had enought.

With all due respect… you are an idiot! I hope to hell there were others in the home with you, and they knew you were in there, and how long before they call 911 to drag your sorry-arse out of there! -X

Does your family know you risk your life like that just to prove you’re ‘macho’!?!?! -(

And don’t give me that s-h-i-t that "you’re used to it…."! :—)

Well ! I’ve been call worst. However , from you that is a complement…:smiley:

They would make a lot of insurance money if I croked up there.

Fu*k No! And if anyone says otherwise they lied.

What do you do Mr. Smarty Paints?

As I stated in the first line of my first post.
If I am alone (almost never) I see what I can from the hatch, disclaim, and offer to return on another day when conditions have improved.
If ANYONE gets bitchy… I report there is insufficient attic ventilation… (which I do anyway on homes that get that hot)!

Sad thing is that so many here LIE and say they crawl all attics. I bet osha has a temp limit that we should go into. Can you imagine crawling around looking for a shiner that should not exist in that heat or to get a photo of something you can observe with a monocular.

Attics are DEADLY.

My advice is if you ever feel yourself falling out immediately stomp a hole thru the drywall and get your face there to breath and call for help or you are dead.

I am VERY surprised we do not here of more workers dying in Florida attics. I doubt it would take 10 minutes to kill you once you pass out.

I must have lost 5 pounds sweating today between the exterior and the 2 attics in today’s inspection, but I drank a gallon of water so I gained 3 :wink:

I don’t have a problem with the heat, it’s just getting in and out of the attic.

space suit.jpg

Yep! When I was a lot younger I use to do hot tar roof moping and runnin’ the kettle.
At 62 yo I ain’t like I used to be.
Me personally I gonna add something to my SOP as to unsafe attic temps.
Just got to come up with some good verbiage…
I think INACHI’s legal team should do it for us…Huh?

PS: Mr. Fetty
You need to lose 20 pounds ! So! Don’t bit*h…LOL!

don’t most FL homes have AC in the attic and walkways?

Do not forget the electrolytes and such… I use squeeze drops in cold purified water. I average about one bottle after each inspection. Once you feel thirsty you are already heading towards dehydration.


Yes! JJ
We call it the “Bear is gittin’ ya”
So! What do you doJJ ? Huh?

Already answered.

I was almost ready to dive in their pool …clothes and all.

I really hope that is a joke ???

weak signs how about seeing stars, getting dizzy or disorientated. Not Sweating.

That link was more about slow oncoming or overall dehydration. Our danger comes from rapid dehydration and heat stroke. That crap comes on real fast and if you are busting balls and not paying attention you will pass out before you know what is happening. If that happens and no one realizes it you are dead within minutes.

I think Nachi should publish a safe to go in attic temp chart with times and such.

I did not mean they were air conditioned space.

Wheeeew, I thought you lost it :slight_smile:

I would bet that most of you guys that work in those conditions on a daily basis are borderline dehydrated everyday! When you enter those areas of oppressive heat, you only have mere minutes and I bet most of you don’t realize how close you are at any given time!

You guys in Florida always crack me up when you complain about it being too hot. You must have missed the memo before choosing to live in that miserably hot and humid tropical “paradise”.