It's Getting Hot in Here

Dangerously so in fact. Wonder how long osha thinks one should be in those conditions. Hey lets go looking for a f u c k in g Shiner :roll:

The trusses where to hot to comfortably touch or put weight on, and I’m not talking about the gusset plates. The underside of plywood was around 145 degrees - Some attic are just really hot

And deadly.

Wow, man that’s really dangerous how long were you able to be up there?

It was a full home inspection (not a wind mit) – So I spent about 10-15 minutes up there because there were issues to document. I was definitely feeling fatigued when I came out. Today’s inspection reached 142 in the open attic air — just brutal. Then 15 minutes later at my next inspection it was only 100 degrees, which is not bad. It is crazy how hot a poorly ventilated attic can get!

At least it’s July. Only 3 more mos of sweating.

Does OSHA dictate when you should be in the attic? NO! That is YOUR decision.

I think they might have some suggestions on working in extreme environments though…

Wow, 142 is hot, glad you were ok:)

When does the temp become too dangerous to even enter?


When your eyebrow starts too singe when opening the hatch, it may not be safe to enter.:cool:

It’s a personal thing Carl. Do what you think is safe for you.

I wouldn’t know…I consider it part of my weight reduction, marathon training program. Spend 45 minutes in a 135 degree attic! It was easier when we had a pool…

I never did like Sauna baths.

I ask about the temp because just poking my head in a recent hatch took my breath away from the heat. I didn’t think at the time to point my temp gun in there.

I took a few hatch photos but disclaimed the rest for personal safety issue.



Is everyone aware the the mighty MT-6 is NOT ACCURATE AT THOSE TEMPS???

See their info.

Start scheduling WM’s for the mornings during the summer months. Otherwise, give me a call and I will take care of it for you.:wink:

I could have danced and then took a nap in the one I was this this morning (10 am or so, Florida of course), surprised the heck out of me it was so “not hot”.


If you open the attic access and it feels like a steam bath the attic is not ventilating and may have other issues especially in the morning. I always look at the venting system in place just because it’s my nature. Attics get hot but mostly you can tell if something’s not right. The coolest attics are the new tile shingle roof with spray foam insulation in the attic but good luck trying to do a Wind Mitigation on those :mrgreen:

Wayne, don’t you carry a chisel? :slight_smile:
Most of those are after 2003, so no need.

This whole thread, I find amusing. When running, the average “feels like” temperate is over 115 degrees. Going in a hot attic to me, is just easier! :slight_smile: