Inspecting Garage Door Openers for Safety

If I can’t stop it with my hand, it ain’t right. I’ve heard too many stories about 2x4’s damaging the door.


I can a lot of door replacements coming soon lolol. I use my shoulder or hand . nothing else

Agree and there has been allot of discussion on the proper procedures.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I also prefer to use my hand over a 2x4, but there’s got to be a better way. Some garage doors are so cheaply made (roll form aluminum) and damage very easily. [/FONT]
I’m surprised someone hasn’t designed a product for testing the auto-reverse feature, something like a whoopee cushion that would discharge when pressure exceeds the safety range and yet not damage the door if it fails.

How about a cat?

Good luck trying to hold the cat in place

Oh I won’t have any problem holding my cat below a garage door.:twisted:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]YIKES, Juan[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Let me guess dog lover :D, cats not so much if any :twisted:[/FONT]

I don’t really like animals, but my wife made me get cats. AGH

I’m not a cat fan myself, love dogs thought, good luck with your cat :smiley:

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You would only get nine tests out of the thing, and then have to get another. Could get pricy :wink:

No idea why anyone would use a 2x4.
12-14 lbs is the setting and easy to do with a hand rather than damaging the door to prove a point.

Show stupid recommendations all you want and explain it to the seller if you use a piece of wood.


Stupid is as stupid does.

Every garage door operator manufactured since 1993 comes with this label outlining the proper test procedure.

DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturers’ Association) has guildelines for testing/inspecting too.

Underwriter’s Laboratory has some ideas about the proper testing method too:

And then there’s Bob’s method…

I agree, I will not put a 2x4 under there and risk damage to the door.

Eh hey buddy every other inspector besides you agrees with me.
Got yet another personal issue ?
Please stop replying to me .

Your an idiot if you go around crushing garage doors.

When someone states a dumb opinion as if it were an irrefutable fact, I sometimes feel compelled to reply. One time, this guy actually stated that it was impossible to post a picture to this forum from a smart phone. I mean, have you ever heard anything so idiotic, and this guy considers himself a technology guru? What dolt! Wish I could remember who it was…

It doesn’t require any special intelligence to join a herd. Even cows, sheep and Obama supporters can do it. Only a fool would equate popular opinion to fact.