Inspecting Historic Homes. Please proof this new inspection article.

Inspecting Historic Homes.

Nice. Thanks. Everyone can go on and on about older homes, but historic ones, especially if they are registered, may not be changed in most any way, at least in apperances, and most all are high in maintenance.

That’s very good Nick. I inspect many homes here that were built in Dakota Territory, before this was a state. I love 'em. Last year I inspected a home in Deadwood where it was documented that Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane used to “meet” so to speak. They are buried together in Deadwood today. Well written article.

Nice link, Jeffery. Thanks.

I took my twins when they were 12 to Deadwood on vacation. They are now 27 and still talk about it. I am ready to go back. I have climbed the hill twice.

Was there a few years ago. Very cool cemetary. I love the old west history, and to stand in a cemetary with the graves of such people gave me a chill.

If you are planning a vacation you should look to the end of August (26,7,8,9) for Kool Deadwood nights. Thousands of restored '50s and '60s (and older) cars and this year a free street concert by Sha-na-na. I’m getting front row seats.

Damn, I guess I am over due for restoration. :mrgreen::wink:

I’m ready!!!

So am I. Maybe Nick should have the Nachi Convention in Deadwood!

Here you go. Great place. Seats 1700 people.
Awesome nearby golfing.

And a really good Prime Rib buffet at the Hampton Inn.

And $12.99 all you can eat crablegs at the Siverado. And John Rich is opening a new place that will kind of like the Grand Old Opry old west style.