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In the past couple of weeks I have been getting a lot of calls asking if I would inspect a Log Home…the realtors are saying that they cannot find someone to take on that liability. What are you guys in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Northeast and Northwest doing about log homes?
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I wish the OT guy would do a class in the US for us yankees… I hear it was great at the convention…

I helped build 2 log homes…and I still don’t feel comfortable inspecting them. Somebody sent me a log home primer…I’ll try to find it…hang on one second…

Back…I can’t find it…when I do I’ll post it.

I knew I would find it!!!

From Larry O’Connor…thanks Larry!

About 10 days ago a Realtor called me asking the same qeustion for a guy in Cary. Since I knew that you also had a WI license I rerferred her to you. I figured if you didn’t do the inspection, you might be able to hook her up with one from WI. Obviously, neither one of us could find her the inspector she wanted. I too helped a freind build a log home and do not feel comfortable insepcting one.

Hi to all,

There is a very good course offered in the states by Log Home Associates from Maine. I know they are planning on taking this to other locations as well.