Inspecting in the Snow!

Gotta love Minnesota. Woke up to 14" of Snow this AM. Makes inspecting a Breeze…
Driveway: Not Visible
Sidewalks: Not Visible
Ground: Not Visible
Patio: Not Visible
Roof: Not Visible
Vents & Flashing: Not Visible
A/C: Not Tested due to cold temps.

Should the customer get any discount?

I don’t give discounts. You must remember that every house and every inspection will be different. if you have a home with a 10/12 pitch snow does not stick arond and the roof can be inspected. If they clean off the driveway it can be inspected. On and on we go. Until you are standing in front of the home its a crap shoot.

The author in his case infers an easy inspection.

I also do not give discounts during snow. In some cases it is even harder to get to the Inspection and harder to see the foundation. It all balances out in extra time and caution on the site.

“Absolutely” NOT!

We don’t get to charge more than our original quote when we show up and find out their happens to be an additional kitchen in the basement, or they forgot to mention the garage is heated and there’s an additional furnace to inspect. Or they say its a 3 Bed - 2 Bath home, 1500 Sq. Ft. but fail to mention the 1500 Sq. Ft. basement is totally finished. You get the ideal.

Just wondering, does this imply here?

I sometimes get a client question of “what does the roof look like?”

I answer with " a ski slope":smiley:

There are inspectors (around here) that tell clients before hand they can inspect the roof surface with snow coverings:roll:

I do not offer discounts due to snow and it can take as long or longer to get around. (I have snow shoes if we get a winter like 2010) (2+ feet of snow with a 1 inch layer of ice crust) last year only 3 snow falls.

This year nothing yet, just some frosty agents, clients, I mean roofs;-)

Last year was great as we only had a bit of snow. This year we have been dumped on so I added a statement to my pre inspection agreement.
S H I T! It is actually starting to snow right now. Add to the 2+ feet we already have!!:(:(:roll:

Due to snow cover the exterior will be limited to what we can see. For instance the shingles or the grading may not be fully visible. Due to this, it is impossible to predict what will be or not be inspected on the exterior. Any uninspected or limited views will be detailed within the Inspection report.
______________ Client Initials

I don’t do snow would you dudes please keep the door closed were you raised in a barn I got the cold but no snow Hurray:D


If I woke up to that I would do a couple things…first call the client and explain my fee just doubled, then if they declined the cost of the inspection I would be packing my bags to get the hell out of there…:lol:

Bet of luck to you, I have no idea how you guys do it…it was 65 today here in Scottsdale, I had a Snowmobile suit on…:shock:

Dale, Please turn the heat back on, I have a Harley reserved for Jan 3-10 for vacation!!

My Trane equipment is working in the Cooling mode right now in Fort Pierce, FL. It was miserably warm and humid yesterday.:cool:

I hate you all livin in the sun belt.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Hey Dale, are you hiring??

Was it so long ago that you experienced a Brecksville winter season??

Actually no real snow yet, just some flurries, trace (.3)

I could use a blast of snow, I seem to be lacking spirit these days:(

I was born and raised in Florida. I’ve never seen actual snow. Looks cold! No thanks.

It was freezing cold here in sunny AZ this morning. 34f when I walked out the door. High to be in 60’s but for us desert dwellers that is sweatshirt and jacket weather
Lived in snow for many years and it is only a several hour drive if I were to ever want to seee it again. NOT!

Record 281 days – and counting – without snow

                                           **Snowless Chicago could break another record**

Should start snowing any minute now! Weren’t you the one who said it “would be a cold day in hell before…”?

It’s 2F here right now and snowing to beat hell. Looks like about 3" from this morning. It will be -10F tonight with 4-5" of snow to come.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!