Level 2 chimney inspection

I have a client that wants a level 2 chimney inspection form to give to thier insurance company. Does anybody know how I can get my hands on the form for this inspection? I assume she is talking about the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s level 2 inspection.

I would assume the form needs to be filled out by a certified chimney sweep. This may help, try here

I would recommend someone who is CSIA certified to do a Level II. It is kinda like if you have to ask what one is, you probably shouldn’t oughta be doing one. That’s as much for your protection as well as the customers.

You need to clean the chimney and have a video camera that you send down the flue in order to do a Level 2 chimney inspection. There is much more to it than filling out a form. This type of inspection requires specialized equipment and permission from the seller.