Inspection Business Marketing Strategies. A new InterNACHI series.

But unlike our Mastering Roof Inspections Series… we’re only going to publish the Inspection Business Marketing Strategies Series here, on this thread. And to keep it interesting and a little wild… the strategies and “marketing tips” will be posted randomly, in no particular order, each day.

Marketing thrives on synergy… doing many, little, seemingly meaningless things together.

Please comment and contribute your own tips, here, as the series grows.

Here we go. You should not be marketing a service that you are not competent enough to provide. Complete all of InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses.

And remember, if you are one of our more experienced and better trained inspectors, you have a moral obligation to market and to allow as many of your fellow countrymen learn about and benefit from the great services you offer.

Add all the different inspection services you offer to

Ancillary inspection services include:

  • Chimneys
  • Commercial
  • Energy Loss
  • Green Certification
  • IAC2 Certified
  • Lead
  • Log Homes
  • Meth Testing
  • Mold
  • New Construction
  • Pools and Spas
  • Pre-Listing
  • Radon
  • Septic
  • Sewer Line
  • Stucco/EIFS
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Water Quality
  • WDO/Insects
  • WETT

This system works with

Add a Call Me Now button to your website.

When a potential client clicks on it and submits his/her call back number the InterNACHI member is instantly called by InterNACHI’s automated office assistant and given the clients call back number. There are no phone tolls, lead generation fees or other charges for this service.

The original Call Me Now button graphics are compliments of member David Valley.

If you want to test InterNACHI’s automated, potential customer assistant system…

  1. go to this page;
  2. choose the button to the left of your favorite Call Me Now graphic;
  3. scroll to the bottom of the page;
  4. hit “Next…” to go to the next page;
  5. click on the Call Me Now graphic as if you were a consumer needing an inspection;
  6. fill out the mini form as if you were a consumer needing an inspection; and
  7. answer your phone.

The phone number you have listed in your profile will ring! It’s pretty amazing. Go ahead, try it now. Let us know here if your phone rang.

Did anyone test this thing?

Yes it works great!!

This information is not “members only” I see.

Works fast

Two things, does not work without giving an email address and does not leave a voice message.

‘Call me now’ works great, couldn’t be easier to set up.

It does work very well, and someone was kind enough to create several different “avatars” for the button, if that is the correct terminology? of course I did not bookmark the location but I am sure someone will chime in. Thanks by the way


OverSeeIt inspectors offer a variety of services:

  • Project and contractor oversight.
  • New construction phase inspections.
  • Final walk-through inspections.
  • 1 year builder warranty inspections.
  • Annual inspections for home and commercial property owners.
  • Investor consulting.
  • Pre-listing, seller inspections.
  • Foreclosure inspections.
  • Insurance inspections.
  • Home inspections.

InterNACHI members can be part of for free. There are no charges.

Add the First-Time Home Buyer-Friendly seal to your website.

Optional additional strategy: Offer the Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book to first-time buyers.

We are marketing as our budgets allow. There are just no homes selling here.

47% are first-time home buyers.

Make a database of all your former clients. Send them all a letter telling them it is time for their annual pre-winter checkup inspection and to call you to schedule it. Mention the cost in the letter so that they don’t think it is a free service.

During the pre-winter checkup inspection, ask your client if they would like any other inspections that you offer (well water testing, radon, etc).

Enter your inspection business website into 900+ search engines with InterNACHI search engine submission/tracking service.

Three of the major indicators of how well your site is doing are Google’s PageRank, Alexa’s Traffic Rank, and the number of other web sites that link to you. InterNACHI tracks this information for all its members so you can easily see how well your site is doing now and how it’s done in the past.

Google’s PageRank is a 0-10 rated system that’s a rough indicator of how important Google’s search engine considers your web site. Very few web sites reach the 8-10 range (, one of the most popular sites on the ‘net is only a 9). InterNACHI has a PageRank of 6, which is very good. Most small inspection web sites should expect to be in the 0-4 range.

Alexa’s Traffic Rank is a rough estimate of how your site compares to every other site on the Web. Sites like, and are in the top 10, while smaller sites are in the hundreds of thousands. A Traffic Rank of 2 million is completely normal because no matter how popular your home inspection web site is, it simply doesn’t reach a broad enough audience to compete with sites like Google and

Both Alexa and Google keep track of how many web sites link to your site. Because each uses its own system of gathering this number, they can be significantly different. That is why InterNACHI gathers both of these numbers for you.

Every month InterNACHI collects your web site’s PageRank, Traffic Rank, and number of incoming links. The service displays a list of all the data we have collected for you so far.

This is search engine submitter/tracker is a free service for all InterNACHI members. Submit your inspection website today.

Order your free InterNACHI decals for your inspection truck.

Read Chris Morrell’s blog about Search Engine Optimization and the Inspection Industry, and learn how InterNACHI is helping you get more inspections. Then watch for InterNACHI’s email showing how much click-through traffic we are generating for your inspection business website.

Does any of these wonderful tools work on the free iNachi websites and if not why not?