We mailed by U.S. mail a copy of Inspector's Quartery to all members in these states:

South Africa
North Carolina
South Dakota

If you are in one of these states and don’t get your issue by next week, email me @ fastreply@nachi.org with your name and address and I’ll send you yours.

We will mail to the other states and countries soon.


How many members do we actually have in the state of South Africa?

About 60. And 2 chapters.

Cool. Who is the Governor of South Africa?

I don’t know, but if she looks like Sarah Palin, I’d vote for her. I make my voting decisions based solely on looks.

Speaking of which, I don’t recall seeing the state delegation from South Africa at either convention. Odd. How many electoral votes do they carry, anyway?

They were represented at the Dem’s convention by Obama who is a citizen of a country in Africa.

I see.

You remind me of my Dad who, when I introduced my first wife to him as being from New Jersey, he replied…“Oh, isn’t that in Pittsburgh?”

Just because Colorado is a swing state, that’s no reason to neglect us! :stuck_out_tongue:

And just because Illinois is a liberal/socialist state I feel the same:)

Obama has a dirt poor brother there! He won’t help him out though?? Must be republican;-)

Jim writes:

Having lived in both New Jersey and Pittsburgh, I can assure you that other than the shore (shore is what people in NJ call the beach)… there is no difference. :wink:


For the life of me I don’t know why you waste your money printing this, there is nothing in that which is not on this message board I do not believe.

If the entire United States knew what INACHI was, that would be dollars well spent.

From what you claim it costs per minute to produce NACHI-TV, why don’t you use some money for a NATIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN (REAL TV COMMERCIALS) telling every Realtor, and individual in America what INACHI is (just don’t mention the vending machine gig)—:smiley:

No one I ever spoke to knows INACHI has many many courses to help your members do better jobs inspecting homes, what is involved to become a member, testing, testing, testing…Realtors don’t know anything about INACHI, home buyers and sellers don’t know who-what INACHI is.

ASHI is drilled into the heads of every buyer in AZ from their Realtors, I don’t have anything against ASHI that’s for sure, but they have certainly found a way to let every Realtor in America know who they are.

Why don’t you do a national marketing campaign (COMMERCIALS) on TV, real TV, not NACHI-TV

Damn that would make the name INACHI stick to peoples brains…!!!

Seems like overlap. All a member has to do is what I did when I moved to Chester County, PA. I passed around an ASHI application at every real estate sales meeting I spoke at. It showed that ASHI is a diploma mill. Then I touted MY OWN QUALIFICATIONS, not some association’s. In 3 weeks we were swamped with work. Joe Hagarty did the same. We were competitors and dominated the entire county.

With the truth on one side, and InterNACHI on the other, it is awfully lame to complain about ASHI inspectors IMHO. Roll right over them.

It is best we use our money to supply members with the tools they need to promote their businesses… than to use your money to promote our association. No one hires an association.

Call a loyal agent who you successfully won over with strong marketing and have done a few thorough inspections for. Tell her you are switching associations, switching insurance carriers, changing your inspection company name, painting your truck and getting a hair cut. Then ask her if she will still recommend you.

You’re missing the point Nick, Ashi inspectors don’t have to hunt for clients, the clients hunt for them.

I’m not complaining about anything…I have more work than I can do. INACHI did not get me the jobs, but many inspectors who are in unlicensed states would probably sure appreciate letting the community know what the association they belong to stands for.

I am wondering why you don’t let the world know what-who INACHI is.

Every Realtor in America knows who ASHI is…I bet less than a 1/3 know who INACHI is.

Maybe you didn’t understand my point.

I hear ya.

We’ve done some investigation on this and there are 2 factors that make us lean away from “branding” InterNACHI outside the inspection industry (to agents for instance).

The first is that the % of transactions being orchestrated by real estate agents continues to drop. We don’t see this trend slowing. We’re very much marketing direct to banks, discount brokers, home buyers and even more so… home sellers.

The second is that in markets where every agent knows InterNACHI, the agents still give it almost no weight. Fact is, agents like their regular inspectors. The inspector could drop his association affiliation, drop his franchise and open up ABC inspections, drop his reporting software and write his own using WORD… and he’d keep all his agents on the farm.

I’ve looked at this from every angle. With regard to agents… it is better that InterNACHI help its members aquire and keep a farm of loyal agents, than to try to get agents to pick an inspector based solely on association affiliation.

Are we still talking about Kansas, here…?:roll:

Licensing (good or bad) will give InterNACHI a lock on Kansas. You heard it here first.