Inspection Flashcard #4

The support/foundation for the outdoor unit of a heat pump system should be raised above the ground _____ inches or more.

*What’s your recommendation (try refraining from copy/pasting code).

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3 inches


3 was too short an answer. ha

In what state

Good point.
It’s all relative - to the state (country, county, planet) in which the property is located. Yes?

2" minimum here in new mexico all bases are 2’ tall. Not to mention need to be level.

Here on the coast of Florida, it has to do with the NGVD elevation and could be 8 feet.

Yes, in Florida you can not build below 8’ National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) as one set of criteria, and if your flood zone is higher than 8 feet the ac pad must be raised proportionately. In Florida that often means that the top of ac pad should be at the same elevation as the finish elevation of the house since many many many houses are built just one inch above the required elevation based on flood criteria. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the house pad must be 6" above the flood zone elevation, so most builders go 7" above as a safety factor. You must also maintain the 3" above grade with the ac pad.

I thought that the International Building Code had been adopted by all states? No?

Appliances shall be located no less than 3" above surrounding grade unless located in a flood zone at which time the FEMA flood plane maps would dictate unless said equipment meets the definition of the flood resistant construction requirements of the International Building Code

A: 3 inches. It is to allow the water from defrost to freely drain. This standard also applies to evaporative coolers.
IRC 2006 M1403.2
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