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You forgot more than 6 inches in your survey…

You forgot “Don’t Tase Me Bro” in your survey…

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looks like we have a tie … so far

Is this for Arizona or Ohio:D


depends. If property is located in a flood zone, then the equipment should be elevated above the b.f.e… which could be several feet above grade.

3" in Vero Beach, FL

3" and installed per Manufacturers Installation Instructions. :slight_smile:

Kind of a trick question. Is it - How high does the Unit have to be above Grade? Or - How high does the Pad it sits on has to be above Grade?

6’ above mean high tide in Monroe County FL

Correct answer in Florida, once cost me two grand to have it moved to a hurricane rated rack.

So John, what do you put in your report as you don’t ever know the flood location you are inspecting? Just that the owner should check their floodplain elevation to determine the proper height for condenser pad?

I do not do code on my inspections, 3-4" otherwise. I was referring to a house I built, after the plans were approved. They caught it on the final for the CO.

Got me scratching my head here. How could this have cost you money? When you say house built I am assuming a single family home. In an earlier post you stated that the unit had to be installed on a rack, so I am assuming the the unit had to be raised more than a few inches and would indicate the home was built on piers?

The home was built on a stem wall in a flood plain. The AHJ did not notice the elevation of the unit until the final survey.

Interesting … I don’t see that in local codes AND in manufacturers lit it seems I see some recommend raising … others don’t ???