Inspection industry made history today: The first .edu domain extension has been awarded!

.edu domains are reserved for post-secondary organizations and universities that are institutionally accredited. “Institutionally accredited” means that the entire institution and not just a particular program or department is accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education’s list of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies.

Other schools, like elementary schools, high schools, middle schools, and even charter schools are not eligible to register a .edu domain. It is reserved solely for accredited post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

InterNACHI® has been awarded a .edu domain:



Congratulations, InterNACHI!

Congratulations :balloon:


That is great and something for Nick, Ben and the staff to be proud of.

The leadership of InterNACHI deserves a pat on the back. Congratulations!

Go InterNACHI !

Excellent! May InterNACHI continue to provide quality continuing education for its members. Congratulations!!

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Congrats to InterNACHI!! Breaking ground. I love it.

Amazing news

Thats great! Love it!

After I get my CPI… watch out Doctorate here I come! Congratulations InterNACHI!!!

Exciting news!

Gotta get some email addresses!

Just picked up on this.
Congratulations, InterNACHI!
Nick, You’re The best!

Awesome Job!

Congratulations from South Africa

Welcome, Marc, from South Africa! :grinning:

Great Job InterNACHI:sunglasses::+1:t5: