Inspection of boat docks and seawalls

  1. Those of you who inspect them, where did you get your education?

  2. I’m thinking about putting together a course on their inspection. Would you actually take such a course
    and inspect these if such a course were available?

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I’d be interested in that course I’m on the gulf here in Florida.

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Good Evening Kenton,
Have had the pleasure of meeting you several times in Weston, purchased your Narrative Library as well.

I sub out this work, have a local guy out of Lighthouse Point that does them. He has a guy with snorkel and fins (not the Contractor) jump in the canal. Does good work. He is licensed and insured,he submits a report as such. With that said, I would love to learn more about the Seawall, Boat Dock Inspections

Hey Matt! Would your friend be Al Moravcik?

Kenton, If you offer it online, I’ll take the course. I do a lot of waterfront properties on the Chesapeake

Hey Kenton
His name is Michael Krug…954-788-7700. Nice lady that answers the phone is Barbara

It would be online Neil.

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Thanks Matt, do you think he’ll be willing to talk with me?

He is a Good Old Boy… but I believe you to be a one of the same, so for sure. I only know him professionally, but he has always been straight with me.

Seawall Inspection- 2742 NE 24th St.pdf (151.5 KB)

Thank you Matt!

Always My Pleasure :muscle:

I would most definitely take such a course, as I live on the east coast of Florida in an area built around the intercoastal waterway. Lots of docks and seawalls. I would be very interested to see what would be involved with our “visual inspection” beyond the obvious:

  • Looking for cracks in concrete
  • Rot, gaps, etc. in those constructed of wood
  • Looking for rust from rebar seeping through the concrete of the seawall,
  • Looking for washouts behind the seawall that would indicate leakage through the wall itself.
    And of course, how much can I get away with charging for the ancillary inspection. :slight_smile:

Mike & Barbara Krug are stand-up pros.
I have known them for over 20 years.
If you’d like me to make contact & pre-introduce you, let me know.
He can be a little fussy at times.

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I would take the course

Kenton, I see a few boat docks and seawalls in my area and would take great interest in your training. If you do it please let me know when its available.

I’m on the east coast of Florida. I have done some dock and seawall inspections. I learned as much as I could through YouTube videos and online research. I would definitely like a formal course.