South Florida Waterfront (Seawall & Dock) Inspections

For all South Florida Home Inspectors out there that don’t offer this type of service or don’t like to take a chance with the Croc and Oyster infested waters of South Florida, call me and lets make some money. We specialize in Seawall, Dock, and Boat Lift Inspections. We service Monroe County (the Keys), Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast. This is not your typical landside inspection. All our inspections include landside, waterside, underwater professional photo, video, and our detailed report with intelligent narratives so the client understand what they are looking at.

Customers love us because of our unbiased approach and no conflict of interest. Structural Engineers love us because we do their dirty work. We even inspect seawalls for some of the marine contractors in town. We are subbing for some inspectors in town already. Special pricing for other inspectors so you can make some money and don’t be bothered with the extra work and the risks. We make you look good because you will be able to offer unique service to your clients that not very many inspectors can.

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That would be an easy inspection for me.

I apologize for being flipid on this. But I have done hundreds of Seawall inspections and docks.
They’re quite easy if you know what you’re doing.
Easy money.

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Great! I am glad you know what you are doing!

Are you available in Naples?

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Yes to Naples. But will charge for T&M to get there. Call me anytime if you want to get estimates.

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Not trying to be smart arse but what is wrong with Oyster Invested waters, sounds to me like good eating that night. I am in KC,MO spend lots of time in PCB and have been disappointed that the harvest of oysters in Apalachicola for several years now.
PS planning to move to Citrus County by summer, maybe some time I can come to keys and take some oysters off your hands :slight_smile:

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