Appliance Inspection

According to our SOP we are not required to inspect appliances. Do you?

Pretty much all the time unless they are c-ap and the buyer is telling me they will replace them.
Question for you guys that do not know how or do not feel like it.

Do you at least check connections to the appliances such as vents and waterlines,gas lines,etc.?
Say you do not and there is a gas leak do you figure not your problem?

Test all appliances - run dishwasher, turn on stove burners, turn oven to 400 and check temp after preheat, run microwave and check for leaks. Clients are impressed with testing. Tested an oven set at 400 and when preheat done, showed a temp of 488 degrees. Tenants buying house and wife said, “See I didn’t burn the roast, it was the oven!”. then winked at me and said “Thanks”.

Yep may not be in the SOP but has anyone noticed Nick hands out Microwave testers at Christmas.? :wink:

only the built-ins…

??? Care to explain that one ???

Part of Standards in Texas

Hay, where is your sign? (from a Texan)

This guy is from Cnanada!

Ralph beat me to it. It IS part of OUR SOP :wink:


Yes I do unless the client specifically tells me a certain appliance is being replaced, otherwise Yes I test them all.


I test all appliances, IMO it is part of a complete home inspection, at least for my inspections

All appliances that are part of the transaction.

Built-ins only. If they are free-standing, such as refridgerators, freezers, counter-type microwaves, washers, dryers, they are not checked by me. These units you can never tell if they are staying with the property or not. Mostly all dishwashers, stoves, wall units, permanatly attached microwaves, HVAC, etc.

Yes, and no to the question above.

Same here, I test built in microwaves, dishwashers and stoves and cooktops. No refrigerators or washers or dryers.