Refrigerator Temperature Range

Looking for some specific temperature range where with a Thermometer you can identify the temperature on a refrigerator and be able to identify if it is working properly or not.

I check on few refrigerators manuals and didn’t find such information.

Quite a bit of information at Google.


US FDA Charts

Refer 40[FONT=Symbol]°[/FONT]F freezer 0[FONT=Symbol]°[/FONT]F should be safe and passes on my reports.

In Texas we test them by first performing the roof or attic or crawlspace inspection first. Then go inside to the fridge and pull out a cold drink. If it quenches your thirst then the temperature is correct.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I think a Coors’ Light would prove that it works if chilled just right. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Refrigerators here, as with washers, dryers, plasma televisions, and margarita mixers, are considered personal appliances which are not within the scope of my home inspections.

I don’t have general liability insurance that would cover me for intentionally doing anything to personal appliances, etc.