Inspection on a new house

I have an upcoming inspection on a new house. I have not done any inspections on a new house yet. Does anybody have any common deficiencies to look for on a new house?


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Same as an old house :smiley:

Just do you thing and do not sweat it or not check anything.

Look, before turning water on, that the drains are connected. :slight_smile:

Most of what you will find will be unfinished work. Everyone gets in a hurry at the end and can leave some really strange things unfinished.

From experience [FONT=Comic Sans MS][size=2]what I first think of AC lines missing insulation,
attic insulation, windows, stucco/wall cracks, driveway/lead walks if pavers.
Check the dryer transition vent-sometimes dumb builders will use the non-approved mylar foil type.
I’ll betcha the oven anti-tip bracket is not installed. :wink:
Welcome James.

Many times the attic light is missing.

Watch out for the “after lunch” side of the house. :wink:

It’s probably a new home final so that’s all behind the drywall already! :wink:

And when you do turn the water on that the drains are not blocked by drywall mud and other debris since here they like to use the interior sinks for washing out their buckets and tools! :wink:

Is this a new home final or a prior phase inspection?

Basically if it is a new home final. You have to stay sharp. We have done 100’s of new home inspections. If it can be broken or forgotten then at some point it probably will be. Now it is your job to find all of those. Stay on your toes. One thing you do not want to do is assume that because it is a new house and a city or county building inspector has signed off that it must be good. That is when you get in trouble.

Its a final inspection. I have not done any other phase inspections on this house. I’m pretty sure nobody did any phase inspections.

Thanks for all the helpful replies!

Clogged plumbing and debris in the garbage disposal is not unusual. The workers use these fixtures to dispose of all sorts of stuff.

Make sure the dishwasher drains. A lot of times the installers neglect to remove the knock-out in the garbage disposal connection tube.

Cosmetic issues are not typically part of a general home inspection, but I find the new home buyer expects a little “help” in that regard. If I come across something I think the buyer might miss on their walk-through, I will call it out either in the report or in my recap. People really appreciate that, and it results in referrals.

New construction is the only time your client can expect ‘the perfect house’. all others are used cars…

You are primarily inspecting the new house to construction industry standards and equipment mfg requirements.