Inspection scenerio

Just got back from hand delivering report to client and Dad.

Both were not intelligent enough to open a PDF and print.

Nervous Nelli type. 1st time buyer.

House is about 20 years old. House was occupied/Heavy storage except in basement. (All was in a corner of basement)

** Very dry summer/No recent rain for over a month.**

Basement floor was freshly painted with evidence of patching.

I explained that with no recent rain and the fresh paint that the floor may allow for water intrusion.

Nothing on disclosure. (These are the same people that covered a damaged area of the kitchen floor with a rug) Seems like the type to hide and not disclose.

When delivering report asked if I would buy the house with the floor that has cracks.

I told them I cant tell them to buy or not just read the report.

Gave worst case scenario and explained the best I could.

With what I have said and with the picture how would you report the floor?

125208 046 (Small).jpg

Floor appears to be freshly painted. There is what appears to be some patch work done under knew paint. At the time of the inspection it could not be determined why there was concrete patch work done as it is not visible. Unable to determine any thing further as any possible defects may be covered by painted floor.

“Evidence of recent patch/paint at the basement masonry retaining foundation wall and or slab flooring surfaces. Refer to Owners regarding their knowledge of any and all past, present and or repaired water intrusion and or damage at any portion of the subject structure.”

That statement can be added to the formal request for repairs/compensation presented to the seller by your clients agent. Making the seller/owner respond to the request in writing will normally jog their memories and or tie them directly to that problem area should something negative arise in the future.

Good Luck!


Good suggested wording above. I also recommend to clients to speak with their intended insurance agent who will cover the home. Ask the agent to pull a CLUE & A+ report on the home and see if past claims were filed or reported. People who try to hide things like that are generally not aware of the CLUE and A+ reporting system and may have tried to file a claim for repairs or damage to goods in the basement if problems arose.

Very Nice wording Mr. Handley

Buyers seem to be reluctant to ask homeowners about stuff sometimes.

Sellers are always reluctant about disclosure. However, when asked they had better disclose or be liable for future claims.

Whenever a recent repair is evident, I always recommend that they inquire to the homeowner about that repair and obtain invoices/information on the contractor for warranty purposes etc.