How about this one, seller zero disclosure, home inspector said, wrote nothing

and apparently 2 realtors never said, saw anything either, yeppers, same morons at play n lying… more often as most you know it’s sellers but C’MON, zip from HI and realtors… are they walking around in La La land with eyes closed? Must be in these basements.

2 leaky areas close to one another, BEAM and control joint crack

…and ya know the inside system drainage dorks said, right? and would cost much more $$$ to divert the water with an INT system, and it would only hide the water that would continue to enter

i’ll give most HI’s this about the BEAM, they likely wouldn’t have noticed it but should have noticed water stains there, my problem with this HI here is they should have noticed n wrote up that control joint crack, should have n could have WARNED the buyer that it’ll likely leak and cost around $1,500-2,000 to properly fix… one can easily tell the C joint crack was doctored on the inside, hello!

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The inspector wrote nothing in his report? :flushed:

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Hi Larry, I can only go by what the buyer told me, buyer said nobody said n wrote up anything about both leaks, I’d have thought an HI would have seen, noticed and reported on the existing control joint crack, leak, not most realtors of course… you know why lol

There’s quite a bit of staining (water) on the floor in both areas, THAT didn’t just occur, been there quite some time, the floor tiling or whatever it is , is loose, popped up, you know how it gets when water has been getting ON it and UNDER it for quite some time lol

Keep up the good work, Mark!