HomeGauge or 3D

What inspection software do you prefer? 3D or Homeguage. I have been trying out software for a couple of months and finally have narrowed it down to these 2. I’m just looking for some input to help me finalize my decision. Please list pros and cons if you have used both programs or why you chose the one you currently are using. Thanks

There are many, many, many threads on this forum that discuss which is the best software. I suggest you do a search on “software” or “HomeGauge” or “3D”, grab a cup o joe and spend a long, long time reading.

If you havent already you might also wanna check out www.einspections.net . They have a great report writing software and office management system.

Is that really your name? Anyway, I agree, do a search and sit back and get red eye.

My first questions would be…what do you want the software to do for you ? Do you plan on using it AFTER the inspection process or DURING the inspection process ? Do you want to be able to print on-site ? Do you want photos included in the body of the report ? Do you want a Summary report created automatically for you ? What type of hardware are you going to be running the software on ? (desktop,laptop,pda,tablet) ? How important is price and how comfortable are you with computers in general ?

Lastly…I would right down your top 5 requirements and make sure the software you decide on meets them.

Jeff Knight
Knights Software Solutions

Home Inspector Pro.

I am a maverick anyway. I have been doing inspections since 2002, and just this past April joined iNACHI. I use my own software/forms, and very successfully. My brother purchased a program from AZ, and uses it, but it is very simular to what I developed. Watch the dollar figures.

Hi John, I use HG and I’m very pleased… well, that’s an understatement :). Other than being very easy to use I think what I like best is HG’s Gold service. When I complete a report I hit one button to upload the report to HG which automatically sends email notification to client/ agents that report is ready to view. I have the option to add a home warranty with another click of the mouse. Another thing that I really like is that I can see (time stamped) when a report has been viewed, who viewed it, and each and every time it is viewed. I have the comfort of knowing my report is secure with HG for 5 years, the report has been delivered, and the report has been viewed. Also, I haven’t had to use it but there’s a feature that forces inspection fee payment before a report can be viewed.

There are a lot of great programs out there but HG has worked for me.

Good luck!

Hi John,

I researched all the software for over a year and chose HomeGauge. I was also impressed with 3D but HG was more of what I was looking for. I’m very happy with the program and so are my clients and Realtors.

The only negative I have against HG is the availabilty of training for us intermediate users. I know I’m only scratching the surface when it comes to what I do (with the HG software) and what I could do with the HG software if I had an opportunity to ask quetions of HG in a live forum where there are also other intermediate and advanced users in the same room. The exchange of questions and information would be huge.

Don’t get me wrong; the HG support is great, but it’s one question at a time and when you’re asking your questions and getting your answers you just know there are a hundred other HG users with the same questions and a few advanced users who have a great solution (a better way of doing things).

While I wait for such a training/learning opportunity to happen, I couldn’t be more happy with the choice I made in choosing HG.

Kevin Goff

What you also need to factor in is are you using a laptop, handheld PPC , tablet PC, these also cause modifications in the software, also on site reporting, pictures, do you need the canned responces or are you technically capable of writing your own, this makes more into which software you need and will also “grow” with you, do you see yourself developing your own templates, modifying whats there, all things to consider.
I would recommend either Home Inspector Pro ( which is very configurable on the fly) easy picture manipulation or the other is Home gauge 4
I meet Russell last week and we were talking about HG and the newest improvements he has made, also it include illustrations as well, coupled with the online schedular which is a nice feature. Both Software offer web hosting and also uploading reports for delivery. I hope this some what helps your decision making and if you have any questions on either let me know, I’d be happy to help.

Homeguage or 3D… this is an easy answer.

www.pvsoftware.com rocks! ask me I use it for my business, and sell it at a great discount to inspectors. (I use it, endorse it, and sell it) I have never had any unhappy inspectors, it is the LEXUS of all inspection programs!

American Dream Home Inspection

I have both HG and PV. HG was much easier to learn and the support was/is much better. That being said, a more “seasoned” inspector may find PV very user friendly. From what others have said in the past PV is good, HG just works for me.

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The reports even look better than Homeguage… I have compared sample reports, but to each his own…

John take a look at Home Inspector Pro

John, you will see many opinions on software in the comments here. Notice what the majority is saying. HomeGauge is the best. Very easy, very customizable, very professional.

There are many software packages to choose from.

Customer service
Type of input device
Upload service
Etc. Etc. Etc.

No one can tell you what’s best for you.

Look at as many of them as you can tolerate give them a try and find out what’s best for you personally.

People tend to promote the one they have purchased. Just human nature.

Good luck in your search and selection.

There are many fine programs to chose from. hth

Actualy , several of us have recommended Home Inspector Pro, even though it was not included for some odd reason.

There is nothing better , and this thread is a fight for second place.

Bob, not everyone shares your opinion.:roll:

Your insinuation is uncalled for.

I doubt even Dom would claim that HiPro is right for everyone.

It’s great product but that is MHO too.