Inspection Stopped by Client

I did an inspection earlier this week that was stopped by my client (the buyer). He had seen enough to convince him that he should not buy the house.
My question is…what wording do you use in your report to record that the inspection was stopped by the client.

I would report on what you did inspect and then make a comment, “Not inspected per client’s request” in each of your remaining report’s inspection items. I would also make a general comment in my “Inspection Notes” section (or whatever system you have to document generic comments). Send report as normal (I’ve had this happen a few times and I tell clients that I will still send them a report).

I tell them it is important to finish the inspection especially if they have an accepted purchase agreement. Sometimes you need the full report to get out of the deal and for the client to get the earnest money back

Since the inspection was stopped, I would ask the client if they still wanted a report. Since they are buying the report. If they say no…I don’t generate a report. Why would you if they don’t want it? Had one earlier in the year. Three unit apt that developed a roof leak when were waiting on a quick summer storm. The buyer said he had seen enough. Paid me for my time (not the full amount…I wouldn’t do that) and he walked. I got another from him later and after a month, a significant renovation, I got the 3 unit again for a different buyer. Everything worked out in the end.

Sharp realtors normally stay for inspections. That is the buyers out typically. Sellers also typically know where problems may occur. It is rarely a surprise when things fall through during an inspection.

If you had the Home Gauge report it is easy! Right Robert:mrgreen:

My pre Inspection Agreement states that I will produce a written report so I am obligated to do just that. I have had clients walk on a deal within the first ten minutes. I have always completed the inspection and produced a full report with my findings. Besides I have scheduled the time to be at the home why not finish it and get paid?

They tried to do the trick with me as to How many clicks to your website. I did not fall for this.

Not following your comment Kevin.

Same here. Our state law lets the buyer out WITHOUT HAVING TO SAY WHY other than based in inspection results. Talk about a win for not having to disclose items to the next buyer…

Edit: same as Robert post 2

"At the request of the client, this home inspection was terminated short of it’s completion.

Items that will not be included in this report include: XXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXX etc."

Ditto. And I usually give them significant discount if they abort the inspection knowing I’ll probably hear from them again.