***Updated List/ Prices*** Inspection Tools For Sale Colorado

I have several inspection tools for sale. Please see list below and call, text or email for details and/or pictures. I would really like to sell in as few transactions as possible, would be willing to make a deal if interested in the whole package. Great for someone starting out! All tools are in great shape, most are like new.

Insight Vision Opticam Sewer Scope-$4,400
Flir E6 IR Camera-$1,000
Radelec E-Perm Radon Testing Equipment ( 5 set up’s but only 1 tamper monitor)-$1,300
Home Gauge Software w/ 2 Companion License’s (HG will help transfer)-$600
IDEAL Sure Test-$200
Extech Moisture Meter Pro Pin/Pinless MO265-$180
Bacharach Leakator Jr Gas Detector-$180
Ensorcon Inspector Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm-$100

Would sell everything together for $7,500

Thanky you!
Jason Lipman

Software licenses are typically not resellable unless the publisher agrees to it.

Jason I may be interested if you could let me know the price for the radon equipment and the Flir E6. Thanks.

How much money for the whole package. Or list each one.
Thomas Kimble cphinspections llc.

Selling everything together would be ideal so I could do $8,800 for everything. I would also then include the big hard side tool bag that everything fits neatly into, the tool belt pouch for on the job and a few other testers that were not included in the original list.

Sorry John way out if my spending budget.
Thanks Tom

Sorry Chuck I just saw this reply. I have already checked with HG and it’s not a problem. They will help with the transfer, it’s a simple process. Are you still interested?

Did you get better tools :slight_smile:

I already have a license that I have never used.

That’s good news on the resale. Important for people to know. GLWS.

Nope. Just getting out of the business.

Bump for updated list and pricing.

All equipment has been sold.

How about the HomeGauge License? I’m interested