Inspection Universe Vegas

Any additional information other than this photo(room rates, tentative schedule, working registration page, etc)?

Wondering the same.

I will probably decide not to go this year. I look forward to going every year but I can not plan last minute for hotel, airline etc based on something that clearly is not planned or communicated with any type of consideration of the attendees.


If you went last year there is probably no new ideas that are going to be released.

Now if you’re just going for a vacay that is different, hopefully the Strip doesn’t smell like a sewer this year like it did last year.

Were all the 90 Day Widgets rotting? :wink:

That may have been it, the place stunk more than some of my football picks:sad:

Come to this event, it’s the same thing at a faster pace (1-day) and as of this morning… we made it FREE:

Or to this:

Nick - the other events you posted isn’t an indication that Vegas isn’t happening, right?