Las Vegas Convention

The Inspector Universe looks great with lots of good presentations and workshops. I would love to go but it’s a little iffy on the budget going into the fall here in New England.

Is it worth the $$??

I can get a free ticket… (From Nick… awesome) probably find something a bit cheaper than the Flamingo, but really need to know if it is worth it.



David, I attended this show for the last 3 years but decided against this year. I chose not to go as there are only 12 credits available for attendance and with the cost of travel and hotel for 2 people I didn’t think the value was there for me. I have attended a show somewhere for the last 14 years and this is the first year in many I won’t…for me I think I just don’t need the “vacation” and time away from the business. If you haven’t attended any prior conferences I suggest you go. The free ticket is a great deal and offsets the cost. The Flamingo costs are not that bad (although higher than the last 2 years); it is not a great hotel (dated), but the convenience of being in the hotel with the conference can’t be beat. Being in a room with hundreds of other inspectors is worth it.

Thanks Mark. I would love to to attend the various workshops and seminars… so it would not be a vacation by any means… and like you, I’d rather not miss any work.

Are there any others that are coming up I might consider? Which ones did you like the best? I have a couple of days to decide.

Thanks again for the help.


David, There is an ASHI conference in January I believe in San Diego, Cost you more as ASHI show, hotel and airfare will be much higher cost. At this point this is all there is. Used to be an Atlantic City show I attended but it stopped 3/4 years ago. I would like to see an east coast show but don’t hold your breath.

If you have never been to a conference you should attend. It should be part of your business expenses and perks. There are numerous shows throughout the year. Look to see who is providing what at the show. Some have great CEU’s but that should not be a prime reason to go, they are offered here.

Talking to other inspectors face to face is the best reason to go. Sharing the knowledge of inspections and running a business is priceless.

Seeing vendors and what is offered is also important. You don’t know how they can help you until you learn what they can do for you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know.


Facts :slight_smile:

I’m not really the convention type, I much prefer doing my continuing ed online at my pace. Sitting through a class at a convention puts me to sleep.

Only reason I’d go is to meet a couple people that I respect and to gamble!

Go here:

I’ll pay for your admission ticket for you and your wife: $399 value… free.

anyone who gambles can probably get you a great discount on the room. they ask me if I need extras for friends or family when I call for a comp’d room (or if anyones wife also gambles and she is willing to put the room in your name: FREE) my wife does not gamble :frowning:

not into tax deductible trips?

If you have never been to one then it is priceless. I always learn something new even after 15 years.

I’d probably lose 3k in missed jobs going to the convention, so the tax write off isn’t much incentive. And I’ve already got a 10 day vacation scheduled for mid November.

I am training a guy now to start working with me this Spring, maybe once he’s up and running I could have him cover for me, so I could take off more.
Eventually I’d like to take some month long trips occasionally, Australia and diving the Great Barrier Reef is high on the list.

I’ll come to the Vegas convention some year, but mainly to gamble and meet a few folks. :wink:

This year’s lineup has a business success and marketing bias, so that attendance covers your cost of missed work.

Ty Uncle Nick, but already have plenty of success in both! :wink:

There’s another show in Vegas and Orlando in March as well. Plus there’s always regional shows.

You have to decide why you want to go.

If you want business success and marketing, attend:

If you want advanced technical courses, attend:

If you need approved continuing education, attend:

If you want to the biggest industry event, attend:

If you want entertainment and camaraderie, attend:

And if you just want a tax-deductible trip to a fun town, attend:

Dominic (or others), I can not find any information on a show in Orlando in March. Care to supply some additional information.

Gave this a lot of thought and I really would LOVE to go… I didn’t budget for it and going into my slow season, I just can’t do it… I will keep my eyes and ears open to anything in the Spring and if NACHI is recommending any convention next Fall, I will be there. Thanks for the great advice, Nick thanks for the offer of the free tickets.