Inspection with Garage converted to Apartment

Good morning friends, I have a question, tomorrow I have an inspection of a house in Miami for sale, I was looking at some photos on zillow and I see that it has an detached garage that apparently has been converted into an apartment, it has a/c Split, kitchen and bathroom, I see in the photos that there are 2 electricity meters. I think one is for that apartment. My doubt, how do I do the inspection for my report? that property will have 2 kitchens, 2 a/c, 2 meters, it is no longer a garage but a separate apartment

What software do you use?

(And I hope you charged accordingly for the extra building😁)

I use Spectora, I don’t charge an extra apartment but the property is very small

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I would at least charge it like a duplex and report on it as a seperate complete home. Regardless of size, you’ll still have 2 of everything to inspect and report on.


Ok, I’ll do it like this, thank you very much

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I do not use Spectora. However, I am sure there is a way to add a separate apartment section. Or as Kevin suggested two separate reports. The SoP will need to be applied fully to both structures.


What he said…

And definitely charge more if you’re doing more.


Just make a duplicate of the kitchen section in Spectora, rename the original to “Main House Kitchen” and the new one to “ADU Kitchen” or however you want to describe them. Since you have two service lines, you will probably need to duplicate the electrical section as well (i.e. it sounds like the garage ADU is not a subpanel). I merge everything else I can and just use location descriptors like “ADU Bathroom” or “ADU North Bedroom” to keep things simple for everything else.

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Perfect, I thought so, I wanted to make sure that it can be done and not hinder the inspection with the client, Thank you very much

Definitely… I would.


Regardless of how you go about it, charge extra. I have a category in my reports for “outbuildings” that I use for separate structures, and charge accordingly per structure regardless of the use. If this detached garage was converted, then as others have said, it’s basically a double inspection. Don’t skip out on the $$$$$


Ok perfect Thank

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If you can’t get the duplicate template section thing going just designate which kitchen when you write things up. I don’t use a slick report software system and do it this way all the time with no problems.


Main House Kitchen - The right rear range burner failed to operate and should be repaired/replaced.

ADU Kitchen - The right rear range burner… you get the point.


If I was using template software, I’d just create two separate reports.

It’s two units, two meters, two inspection fees, two reports. Just way easier.

The conversions are often way more work than the main house. They’re less likely to have been done with permits, and typically have all sorts of issues, aside from the legal issues. I will 100% check local permit records and document if the work was apparently done with or without permit – it’s super relevant.

Knowing the local rules on 2nd units and conversions can bring you substantial new complimentary business:

“Locally, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, Pompano Beach, Miramar and Tamarac had already passed ADU ordinances before the Miami-Dade County commissioners voted in November 2022 to establish one in unincorporated areas.”

“The ordinance mandates a minimum area of 7,500 square feet for ADUs ranging from 400 to 800 square feet, with a minimum amount of habitable area of 220 square feet, accommodating garage conversions and reducing the minimum lot area to 5,000 square feet. One-month rental minimums aim to prevent them from becoming vacation rentals. Setback requirements match those for primary structures, as do height limits. RVs and trailers aren’t included.”

Here is a recent thread I started that has some great Spectora related info for you: Home inspection report +ADU

Charge extra for the ADU! I charge an ADU fee that is 45% of my 2000 sq ft home inspection price.


Hi Miguel,

Write it up as a unit within the structure (you should get an increased fee for second kitchen etc etc) and then disclose that the seller should disclose the city permits for the alterations completed.
If its a detached garage and you were asked to perform the inspection its also an additional fee.