2 structures on 1 property

I’m a fairly new inspector and have my first inspection that has two structures on one property. I’m using Spectora for my software. One is a single family home with a garage and the other is an apartment with an attached shed/garage. As far as I know both properties are listed on the same address.

How do I go about this when having client sign the inspection agreement?

Also, I’m assuming these will be two totally different inspections?



Paul, when I was inspecting I would do one report for both units e.g. single family home with garage and detached apartment w/attached garage/shed, especially if listed as one address.

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Its one report per property when we write them up. We use home hub zone but I will annotate under the image for every deficiency on multi family properties. ie unit 1,2,3 or A,B,C. Or in your case Apt. Or Apt garage.

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!