Spectora Multi Unit Inspection Template?

I have been approached by an investor to inspect a multi unit property. I have done smaller multi unit homes typically 2-4 units and have never really needed a report template for a 32 unit apartment complex. I was wondering if anyone had a Spectora template (or possibly another software template that I could import to Spectora that would handle a multi unit apartment complex. It doesn’t have to be for 32 units I can add or delete as needed I was just hoping to get something already built I could modify easily. I have already looked through the report templates on Spectora and found a few that are for commercial properties but nothing that addressed multi units.
I am thinking I would like to have one report either per building / with the units listed per building, or if this is all one building I could somehow distinguish between floors / and the units per floor.
Any help or Ideas would be appreciated. I have just started using Spectora software and I do love it however I am not very comfortable with building templates on it just yet. I guess no time like the present lol.

Thanks, Lane

It’s hard to do this in well presented manner with Spectora. Ideally, Spectora would have 3rd level subsections so you could do, for example: unit #1 (#2, etc…) -> kitchen -> [appliances, flooring, electrical, etc…] but you cannot, you have to group everything for the kitchen into one ugly big mess. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I was hoping someone had conquered this aspect! I didn’t know if I just was doing something wrong with the software. Thank you

No, it’s not you, the software is very limited. Even for a single family home you run into the same issue when inspecting, for example, a roof. You want to be able, to say, have a subsection for different coverings under a section “coverings” Say, asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, etc… You cannot do that, instead you have to make them optional and such as a work around, it’s a pain. Spectora has a good idea… but it needs a lot more functionality. The report layout is also extremely limited. For example, you cannot group and list defects, for a boiler, you have to have 10 items as deficiencies, each one recommending a tech to service the unit, it becomes redundant, clogs up the report.