Inspections to the State for Licensing

What is the best way to get your 120 inspections to the state for licensing?

I was wondering if maybe it is just easier to take the test?

Also what CE courses are acceptable in Florida?

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I let Russell answer this one. :smiley:

Or he could use the ‘search’ feature, and read through the ton of threads already written about it. :mrgreen::twisted:

BTW… Welcome Tony !!!

Have you not read the application form yet. If not, I suggest that you do.

Yes, welcome Tony. Instead of being a smart ***, I’ll answer your question.
You do not have to send in the inspections. You have to list them on the application form.
The easiest way to get the ceus is to take the wind mitigation course here at NACHI. That will kill two birds with one stone. It will allow you to get your license as well as to be eligible to perform wind mitigation inspections.

I have a fillable application if you need it. Just contact me.

Thank you Eric.

Glad to help. If anyone else needs the fillable pdf application, just e mail me.

The state will accept the cover page of the inspection with all the inspection info.

yes just list the inspections performed