Citizens inspections

I really get confused sometimes with the requirements for Citizens inspectors. Can they be state certified inspectors or not? I was aware that they could be state certified with additional wind mit training of C.E. and certification by an approved education provider and had to pre-register with Citizens. Please educate and enlighten me if you know the latest and greatest.
Thanks Bill Smith

You mean you do not get emails from them every day trying to sign you up like I do?

Send me a regular email and I’ll send you the next one I get or I will try to find an old one.

I am not interested in it and I always get 2 emails each time they send it to me. Sorry I do not personally have the answer for you.

Both of you who requested the email should have them. good luck. I also get the same type of stuff on sinkholes.

With regard to Wind Mitigation inspections, Citizens asked InterNACHI to create this “look up” list for their agents:

It is a list of InterNACHI members who have successfully completed our FL CILB-approved, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course.

Thank you Nick, BTW-I also sent a student your way who lives in the keys and wanted to attend our school in Orlando but didn’t like the idae of 4 weeks of traveling and hotel rooms so I sent him your way and told him he will only have to go to Jax. for the on-site portion. Good luck.

Got it correct-HI can do wind mits after pre-registering and completing wind mit training for Citizens. There are some sites out there that claim different to sell you training you won’t need beyond what you/we have here.