Update: State of Florida adds NACHI to Home Inspector Licensing state website.


See green UPDATE link at “Updated - Do I need a license to be a home inspector, or mold remediator?” link.

Here I thought you were going to tell us that NACHI members are now approved for wind mitigation inspections.

Wind mitigation inspectors have to take a course, no?


They do have to take a class. Florida NACHI will have one.

Great! :smiley:

Good eve

Just reading the mail here

Wonder what it will take for ANYONE to conduct the 120 hrs of education?

Wonder how NACHI or a NACHI chapter can do any of this (like the wind migration) and get state approval?

Will out of state education count

Will education that was received in the past count

I have been all over the state web site and have not found the information

Maybe it is time to start a NACHI school with you - Joe - and Gerry as department heads and I am not kidding

Perhaps it is time to contact the state - the clock is ticking and I am sure some HI schools are seeing gold in the hills


Thank you Nick!


Richard, I am pleased that you are thinking about the problems and maybe also the solutions, I hope that you will be attending the meeting in Orlando next week so you can voice your opinions.

FLNACHI needs to move forward, and not be played out on this BB



i think that would be great


With my out spoken and disruptive nature don’t know that I would be welcome or wanted.

I have been known to be a pain in the tail (last time was at local town council meeting)

Some where I thought that H Gordon was Pres of the state chapter and now we are starting another one


I will think about coming esp if I have something to bring to the table other that just another butt for a chair

Thanks for the invite



Did you not get an e-mail inviting you to the meeting and telling you what my ideas for the chapter are? I think Joe posted a copy of it on the board.

Yes Harvey did start the Florida chapter several years ago. Unfortunately it never went anywhere. I think the first meeting we had about a state chapter was in august 2004 or 2003.

With that being the case I really don’t look at this as starting another one. It is just following through with what we had in the past. I hope that things work out better this time around. I have made a personal commitment to do all that I can through 2008 to make it work. At that time I will reevaluate my position and move forward accordingly.

As Gerry stated Florida NACHI is moving forward and we are not going to debate it on this message board.