Inspector and electrician opinions on these situations


It has been kinda quiet and helpfull in these parts of late :wink:



Greg, try Dragon Naturally speaking software, much easier on the hands :shock:

Be well


Greg how close are you to Orlando?

I am in Estero, between Naples and Ft Myers (north of Bonita if you know about that).
Whats the traffic doing on I-4?
Usually I give myself 4 hours and get to the rat a little early.
Actually the last couple times I was up there we never went into the Reedy Creek Development District at all.

I just wondered. You are a great teacher on the board and I think you could teach one hell of a class

Actually the strange thing is Joe T tried to get me to interview for his job (or a similar one) when he left IAEI.
I was an instructior at IBM for a little while (DC Ed Cen) and I did some road shows for various things later. I got my initial instructor training at NOB, Norfolk (1960s).

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