Inspector called in a plumber during inspection.

We’re having our home inspected today for sale, and the inspector called in a plumber. Is this standard practice? I’m not sure what the exact issue was yet, but this seemed odd to me that the inspector called in a second party. is this normal?

No, not really. If anything is unusual, it is that the plumber showed while the inspector was actually on site. We usually don’t get that lucky.

Most likely the inspector noticed something that the buyer wanted checked out asap, so they called for a plumber right then and there.

Actually did you a favor, as you will not need to reschedule for the plumbers visit, and you should get through the required inspection contingency period faster and easier.

I have had that happen and just to keep peace I just carried on and told him to inspect the plumbing. Everything in regards to plumbing had an X in the box NOT INSPECTED.
I don’t play games with contractor’s. I can tell you some stories of the way they act like little kids but I bet you all know that right.

The only time it happened to me was when I broke the main shut off to a home I was inspecting. I called a plumber to come out and replace the valve, at my expense.

Eric was that when you were a green horn and didn’t know that you are not to touch the main water shut off?:frowning:

Yes it was and I haven’t touched one since! :mrgreen:

Two weeks ago a Real Estate tried to show me up by turning on the valve of this POS house. I was just praying it didn’t start to leak so he could not blame me for turning it.
I told my client that I would not turn it on as it is not recommended and he got the point pretty quickly what can go wrong, but the RA did not he just wanted to sell the POS.
When I mean POS this place had everything possible wrong.

Gotcha, thanks. I suppose my only concern is that the inspection is supposed to be carried out by a licensed inspector, and the report drafted as such, and the involvement of a 3rd party contractor who may or may not have a vested interest in drumming up extra work (since they are not bound by the same code of ethics as home inspectors) may not be favorable. I’m not overly concerned since everything was passed by the plumbing inspector in the last 5 years it just struck me as odd. thanks for the input!

It could have been for a lateral sewer scope or other add on inspection.

“passed by a plumbing inspector”… that’s a laugh. I cannot imagine any code inspector going into a crawl space or attic to inspect plumbing rough in or other items. Remember, a house built “to code” is the cheapest home allowed by law, nothing more.

Specific trades can inspect the systems of their trade with no problems, ethical or otherwise. The reason that home inspectors are special is that they inspect every system. The SOP states “inspect two or more systems for a fee”. Plumbers would only inspect the plumbing system.

Hope this helps;