Inspector Classifieds?

Is there a forum or location on the message board for inspectors to advertise or sell home inspection tools & equipment? If not, where would it be appropriate for inspectors to post items for sale or desired tools to purchase? I am interested in purchasing several items, such as Mold testing equipment, IR camera, and misc. other tools. During these challenging slow times, my cash flow is a little light, so I am looking at some used equipment alternatives. Thanks.

Craig Cooper
Portland, OR


You just have to keep your eyes open on this MB.

They do advertise tool sales once in a while but no specific forum is set up for this.

I have an air sampling pump with case and tripod. $200.00 +shipping
352 871 8989

Thanks David

I’ve been sitting on the domain name “” now since march. I acquired it specifically for the purpose of allowing inspectors, contractors, landscapers, plumbers (you get the point) to buy, sell and trade equipment between one another’s industries.

Well, this is the umpteenth post I’ve seen on this and other message boards looking for a classifieds forum. But, since we are not an island, and many of you would likely love to get your hands on things like air compressors, tool boxes, torches, walk-behind mowers, drafting software, battery-powered tools, etc., used by people in other industries, I think a “mall-like” forum that covers most industrial trades would be better than a dedicated “inspection industry” classifieds forum. I also think something like this needs to allow for more freedom and flexibility than the eBays of the world.

With that being said, will be online this week.

I will employ a message board format simply because it is easy to navigate, allows unlimited editing and posting length, allows images, allows conversations, already includes search capabilities, etc. Besides that, it allows for RAPID DEPLOYMENT and keeps costs low.

The site will be categorized by equipment type and then sub-catoregorized as needed (since multiple industries often use the same equipment, it will not be categorizing by industry).

I know there are other “contractor” and “industrial” classified sites out there, but most…well…suck – and they don’t provide any support. They are also cram-packed with Google AdWords. I hate that, so you will not be seeing any Google AdWords in In fact, I don’t want any ads running in BCM except the classifieds posted by sellers and “equipment needed” classifieds posted by buyers. No “dealers”, either. I want to focus on mono-y-mono sales, trades and barters.

I’ll let everyone know when its ready to go…should be in a day or two. Afterwards, I’ll make a national announcement to home inspectors first, then to other industries later.

Hope this helps.

There is a thing called E-BAY.

There sure is. I guess thats why consumers in your area should give their business to your competitor who may have already existed before you came along? Maybe all NACHI member need to quit and join ASHI since they’ve been around longer, too?

People like choices, and I’d like to let people have that choice. As powerful as E-Bay is, it isn’t what everyone wants to use. Some people want something a bit simpler…like craigslist. And again, many people don’t like craigslist. Anyway, I’m not sure of your point, but I’m sure you’re going to clarify it.

Boy Robert it seems that you want to pick a fight with everyone.

I must say that I would never use one of your products simply because of the way you communicate with people on this board.

Funny how I post something that evokes a slightly “wise” comment from someone else (like, “There is a thing called E-BAY” – as if I’m stupid and never heard of E-Bay), I’m suddenly the one “picking a fight”.

Perhaps I would never hire a home inspector whose response was like yours. I can’t imagine asking you a question during a home inspection and having you respond with, “There is a thing called a weather stripping,” or “There is a thing called insultation”.

I guess responding ‘in kind’ is unpopular around here. Hmf.

I don’t know why Greg has responded the way he did but good luck with your new venture Robert!!!

Good Luck Robert.

I am sure that your professionalism will inspire all NACHI Members to use your products.

Mr. Bell, my professionalism isn’t in question here. I posted a response to Mr. Cooper’s post - a ‘solution’ if you will. You reponded with a post that seemed a bit condescending and, in fact, seemed to cite me as being some kind of idiot. If I read that wrong, then I sincerely apologize.

Sounds good Robert.

Quoted from Robert’s response to Greg’s response to somebody else’s response:

“There is a thing called insultation”.

I heartily agree. In fact, insultation seems to be in ready supply often on our boards. One guy insults another guy, who in turn is insulted by another guy in support of the guy who insulted the guy who felt insulted in the first place. From that point, the insults fly freely, the original insult often fogotten in the general melee. This is, indeed, insultation at its finest, and offers up some of the greatest intertainment available on any bulletin board anywhere. It’s also how we get to know one another. Robert’s haste to respond to any act of insultation reveals his highly competive nature, and I can appreciate that. Greg’s skill in the use of the snide remark is also apparent, and being that type of a$$whole myself, he and I would probably make great friends…or mortal enemies, depending on the situation. Actually, I think the Mall idea may hold some merit, since it does offer something of a somewhat more definitive nature than E-bay. Finally, thank you once again, Robert, for providing me with yet another (unintended) great play on words.
As Mark Twain might have said, “Insultation…it’s a great word, and bears repeating.”

Jimmy B.–Not dead, nor even dying, but merely refocusing…

Looking forward to it, Robert. And thanks for all of your attempts to give HI’s more choices of solutions to our needs. I know there are quite a few of us that appreciate your help.


Seriously, I replied to Mr. Bell with no other intent than to have a conversation and state a point using the tone he used with me. None of it was meant to be combative…no more so than a few guys, sipping brews and watching a the big game while favoring opposing teams. In other words, the elbows were hitting ribs (as is normal on this board).

I always snicker when I (the arrogant, self-centered, good-for-nothing, know-it-all vendor extraordinaire) am accussed of being “unprofessional” by those who don’t recognize the “unprofessionalism” of their own remarks (which are often designed to provoke me). Of course, I don’t care about the “professionalism” as long as we are just having a conversation. Be yourself! Most of the time, I can be just as much of a smart a$$ with absolutely no emotional investment in the conversation.

I mostly just argue with you guys to practice for future arguments with my kids. I have a 7 yr old daughter who has recently discovered her “inner attorney”. And you guys think *you’re *tough??? :wink:

I don’t think Greg meant to be rude or snide in his reply about ebay,… (knowing how helpful he is on here) I think his “to the point” answer may have been misinterpreted.

And I know I sometimes (eh hem…often) come-off as being combative. That’s what happens on a message board when it is very difficult to judge a person’s intent without things like ‘vocal inflection’ or seeing the ‘whites of their eyes’ and the grins on their faces. Bottom line - the conversation went south, and neither Mr. Bell nor I meant for it. So, no harm, no foul. I apologize for my earlier “tone” if it caused Mr. Bell to believe I meant anything more than the standard “ribbing”. Mr. Bell is a terrific person, a dedicated inspector, and a valuable resource and friend to many in this organization – as you are, Mr. Doane.

Best to all.

Now, who needs a good a**-whooppin’! :twisted:

(Just kidding.)

Let’s all cyber-kiss and make up. I really do like that word, though…insultation…it is a good word, and bears repeating.