Inspection company running a contest

There is a Inspection Company somewhere in our area who is advertising $45.00 Four Point Inspections. They are also offering a 3 day 2 night hotel stay for the Insurance Agent who sends them the most referrals.

OK- Lets hear it guys - you ought to have fun with this one…

Is this an ASHI or NACHI inspector?

Non licensed state, no association membership, I’m pretty sure he can do whatever he wants. No?


Without regulations the sky is the limit in what he can, and may, offer. To me it looks like he’s giving it all away. To a potential client he may look appealing.

Insurance Agents as well as Realtors are bound by conflict of interest rules aren’t they … or I thought so anyway…

So - will this type of adverstiing GET them more business - or scare the crap out of the agents and get them ZERO??

I don’t know if they are ASHI or NACHI or anything yet - more tomorrow…


I had to deal with a Realtor that was acting on her own behalf when selling her house plus she was the buyer’s Realtor PLUS tried to get the buyer to use her brother-in-law to do the inspection. If that’s not a conflict of interest than I don’t know what is.

Doom and Gloom… where’s Joe Farsetta (sp ??) when you need him?

Hay Nick-- Is this what MO has to deal with???

What conflict of interest/ I am sure she has her clients (buyers) best interest in mind!!! After all, she is a “professional”!!!

First rule of real estate transactions to buyers, NEVER, NEVER, enter a real estate transaction with out your OWN realtror who will protect your interests. When you are the selling and buying agent, you can not serve either well, the only one in this traction that is served well, is the agent, who has their own “best interest” in mind, 100% of the commission!!!

And realtors wonder why they are down there with used car salesmen in the minds of many!

Ya, I was involved in a real estate transaction that was similar a couple years back at the Lake of the Ozarks area except the inspector was just owned by the Realtor.
Also from the email exchanges I have had with Nick lately, he does not have a clue what is going on in Missouri but he is trying to support us in a very round about way.
Once I talked about an inspector that was ran out on a rail, and I was criticized for it on this message. I challenged those inspectors to come to Jefferson City and perform some inspections and find out for themselves. Never had no takers.
Missouri Association of Realtors runs Missouri when it deals with anything that involves real estate. Most inspectors bow down to the Realtors. To be a honest home inspector is very hard to do when there is that much influence. This is what Nick does not understand. Sad but true.

Ya gotta meet or beat the competition.

Offer 5 day, 4 night trip to Hawaii, including air transportation.

Of course, he will have to out do you, so then you out do him, keep that up until he reaches the poiint he realizes he can’t keep up with your better marketing offers, or he goes bankrupt, Which ever occurs first.

At least the guy is thinking out-of-the-box. I can appreciate that.