Inspector hurt on job

Hank -

Thanks for the meeting reminder.

I won’t be there, and my reason should be a Warning for All Inspectors:

I fell off a ladder last Thursday and broke my arm. Needless to say, that has slowed me down A LOT. Tomorrow morning I go back to the orthopedic doctor to find out if I need surgery.

Please tell everyone there at the meeting that I said to “be careful !!”

JamesEubank Inspections of Southern Colorado

Could be worse ,but sucks.

That’s 2 in a month…I don’t like’m…use’m…but don’t like’m


I only carry my 10 foot folding ladder. Very seldom go up on roofs anymore and will never ever go up onto a second story roof. Its just not worth the risk. I feel safer opening an electrical panel.

Sorry to hear of your accident. Get well soon.

SEE??? Ya have to wait until AFTER work to get tipsey!!!

Sorry to hear that you’re hurt.