I would like to share my carelessness today.

I fell off a roof today and landed on the deck below. OUCH!!

The deck was slick and my ladder fell when I took my first step.

I was lucky I didnt get hurt. Just my ego.

I was supprised the sellers didnt hear me because it seemed awful loud.

I wish I could see the fall because I must of looked like a idiot.

I need to remind myself of the hazards and be more aware & careful.

I could od easily got hurt and would be unable to inspect.

Just thought I would tell someone. No one new I fell except me.

And my gaurdian angel.



Be carefull ! Last year a State Farm Inspector in Florida fell to the driveway and died. No one saw him fall either. They found him lying on the driveway.


DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT set your ladder up on a deck, in order to inspect a roof.

I did the same exact thing and I’ve been out for seven months now…



I’m glad to hear that your higher power was on your side today.

We had an inspector here in Chicago fall off a garage roof 2-1/2 years ago, he died, if you don’t have to don’t go, thats my feeling,


Sorry to hear about your leg. Take care.

I was very nervous on my second inspection. I probably shouldnt of went on the roof.

I should stay on the ground.