Member Michael Halsey injured

I was contacted today by a fellow member who provided these details:

One of my fellow home inspectors fell off his ladder yesterday during a routine roof inspection. The ladder slipped when he stepped onto it and he fell onto the driveway breaking a vertebrae in his back. He also broke his arm, elbow, heel and sustained injuries to this head. He is going into surgery today. This is a reminder for always using your best judgement and never getting too comfortable (I’m not saying Michael didn’t do that, it was just an accident). The ladder and the electrical panel are the most dangerous parts of our job and we cannot let our guard down. Michael is 62 years old and may not recover from this. I have created a link for any donation you would like to send his way to help his family with medical costs and or monthly expenses as Michael did provide the majority of his families income. We have been fortunate as an industry to have maintained and even grown through the pandemic. I have dedicated to donating one of my home inspections this month to him and anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated, not expected. Stay safe and lets send good thoughts Michael’s way for surgery today.

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Thank you, Lisa, for informing us.

This could be you…BE SAFE!

Godspeed to Michael Halsey in his recovery!


That’s terrible news, and it sounds pretty bad for Michael.

I don’t recognize this donation site you linked to, and there is no information listed (beyond the basic stuff).

Dominic, it is directly to his home inspection site “Lakeland Home Inspection Service” through Square.

Maybe a Gofundme site will help also.

Thanks, Larry.

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Thank you Lisa.

Always breaks my heart when I hear members not following ladder safety protocol.

After 40 years on ladders I have yet to say I had an accident when ‘I set up the ladder.’
I give helpers or students a FULL mouth full if they dare touch my ladder.
They look at me amazed as I tell them, leave the god damned ladder alone! Don’t step on or hold the dam ladder! The ladder does the work of stabilizing if/when set up correctly.

*I still get a push back now and then to which I may immediately drive them home wishing them good luck in the industry.

Michael Halsey. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Best regards.
Robert Young