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I have a client here in MD that is relocating to Naples, FL area in the spring. They asked me fly down to do their inspection when they are ready, but I can’t because I’m not licensed in FL. I’m looking for someone good to refer them to who will do a really thorough job. Any recommendations?

Hi Ryan, what is the time frame? We have a couple days left in Feb. and may be able to help.

When using this guy, your client will understand the difference that comes with experience & education!

While considering a home purchase I called Dave Fetty with Florida Home Inspections. He worked around my schedule after having to cancel on him which was not an issue for him. However the best part of it all was his thoroughness not missing anything. And I am able to call Dave several times to get an explanation of his report.I would recommend Dave and would use him again. And his price was much lower than I’ve heard other people pay. Great.
Ted D Naples 34116

When we met Dave Fetty at the house, he was in the midst of the home inspection. He greeted us politely and went on with his task. He was very professional, and covered his shoes each time he entered the house. Once finished, he showed me specific items from his report. He was very willing to explain any items in detail. He offered suggestions to the homeowner of simple repairs that she could make to improve the problems. I was very impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend him highly to others needing an inspection done. Frank R. Naples 34119

Thank you so much David. You verified in print, what I rather expected. What a mess.Your service(s) saved us from making a costly mistake. I will not hesitate in using you again in the future, and I will refer you when I have the chance, to others. Steve B. Naples 34110

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Dave, they are still looking. They had one deal that fell through due to a contingency issue. They had asked me for a recommendation and I said I would reach out through Nachi and ask around. I’ll give them your contact info. Thanks.


Great referral, Ryan! That is the way it is supposed to work here on the forum. :smile:

You’ll be happy with Dave.

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Wow! I need to update my website… those reviews are over 5 years old!

And try to get ones that have different last names, Dave. :grin:

I know, I know, they live in Naples, FL. :+1:


lol. good one Larry

Mr Fetty was an excellent inspector.
Without my husband knowing, after closing he came by & we went fishing.


Thanks guys. I will see this client tomorrow and give him Dave’s info.

On a side note, after looking at some of your guys websites with pricing on them, I want you all to RAISE YOUR PRICES!!! Think about it. This guy was going to pay for me to FLY from MD to FL and inspect this home for him. Don’t you think you can get an extra $100-200 bucks out of him for your hard work? I just started in this business 2 years ago. I am not a CMI yet and my pricing starts at $500 for single family homes and goes up from there. I am very busy and it does not hurt my volume. If you guys are experienced CMI’s you should be charging more than me.

And P.S. Dave, I need more clients like your fishing buddy

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Trust me on this one. Even if you have never trust me before. Mr. Fetty. Is a great inspector. Well second great… I’m the best yep!

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