Inspector Logo Contest. $500 cash prize plus a NACHI Beam flashlight.

Post your personal inspection business logos here and after a while we (staff) will pick a winner. Winner gets $500 cash, a , and some other great prizes.

My full logo is located here it is in flash format…ection_llc.htm


Nice! Do we have a winner or does anyone else want to show us theirs?

My full logo is located here it is in flash format…ection_llc.htm

DCCI Logo.gif

my logo is like my avatar except it is in black and white, but i cannot get it to load.

WAIT…for crying out loud…I can’t get it up !!!




company # 4 resize.PNG

Here’s mine…


Alright Hank, after much sweat and some short lived frustration I’m throwing in the towel.:twisted:


1 L k4u

Here’s mine…

My biz logo.


Acorn Home Inspections

I can’t get the image off of my computer, it will not upload, it says wrong file type, sorry. Too bad I could have used the money for a computer class. :smiley: Nah, who am I foolin, I would not have won anyway, I have seen some nice logos.


Your link does not work, you are disqualified! :slight_smile: Only joking. Seriously your link did not work for me.

Heck, I don’t know but somebody out there in cyber world is getting alot of crap right about now from me.:shock:

Can I mail it in ?


Now why would you think that? Everyone has an opportunity. Now you are really disqualified. Only joking! Ha, ha, now get out there and enter, get up off that couch and turn the Tv off. This is not a test…

Mic isn’t your logo your avatar?