New, free Electrical Inspector logo for members is available.

Electrical-logo.jpgNew, free Electrical Inspector logo for members is available.

Free download for members at

Ok…i am rarely against things done by INACHI but i am against this logo. Would i consider it equal to ICC or IAEI certification processes…sorry i do not.

What is the certification process behind this mark?

Nor do I.

Follow the link:
"Free download for members at

Good Idea Ben and just like anything advanced it makes Home Inspectors learn more. This is something I do support. As for what Paul is pointing out the criteria for advanced over regular has been shown in other training categories.
I only wish that other Associations would follow in the same lines as InterNachi by providing the education they do.
Would it be equal to ICC or CSA, not likely.

I only state my remarks on the liability issue of moving from a generalist to a specialist. As long as the person is comfortable with that and feels they have the expertise to place that mark then have at it.

Wow…thats a lot of logo’s. just hope we are not watering down the term “certified” and it’s implied use is all. Big difference in Certified, Qualified and Licensed i guess.

Have at it…:slight_smile:

If they use the logo they would need to add what that means in turn that you have decided to go above and advanced your knowledge in Electrical by taking this and other courses in Electrical Inspections.

If I were still inspecting, I’d have several logos on my home page and on the footer of my inspector website.

They would be: The best hook for site visitors. Very profitable ancillary service at $139. A $75 report I typically sold on-site after finding damage. Helps establish long-term, recurring relationships. Free software provides a means to increase my home inspection fee by $25 by adding value to the home inspection report. Homeowners understand “certified,” “master,” and “inspector,” and what it means when they’re all put together.

Then, I’d have one webpage on my site titled, “My Qualifications”, and I’d add all of the logos ( that worked well with my company services and my inspectors’ qualifications.