Inspector Macy needs help again!!

Can I start my own forum? Called Dave Macy needs electrical help.

I think I ask more questions than average.

Please see the photos and offer any suggestions.
I would recommend replacing both boxes & replace with 1 100 amp panel.

I caught the openings at the panel enclosures, the sub missing isolation, the nuetral & ground improper connecting of the two.

There was a 50 amp main breaker so I assume it is a 50 amp service.

The exterior SEC was a nightmare. Pole to house to garage to rooms of garage. they all looked really old.

My question is are you allowed to have the sub wires attached to the main lugs. Would the sub be energized if the 50 amp breaker was off?

Thanks for your patience

87906 Cleveland 039 (Small).jpg

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When the main breaker is off the entire panel is dead, including those lugs.

And yes you have a mess there. Alot of repairs.


If you would like my assistance ( which is totoally up to you ) please post this on my electrical board or others here can chime in.

I will be answering my electrical comments on my own board FOR THIS ONE !.

As for doing images on my board…just link them between


ACTUALLY…I moved it for you DAVE and I have replied to it…in a way I hope you can understand my garbled posts.

Now Paul, why do you want to be like that?

Mimumum upgrade (at least down here) are to 150 amp panels. If they are going to upgrade, why not give them the power for today’s technology.

Other than that, you have a mess there. Looks line Uncle Johnny was on the job. You have improper bonding and exposed wires, just to name two.