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I am kinda lost on this one guys and I am not sure if you can figure it out from such a poor photo but here it goes. It appears to me the fused panel on the left is the main. It has incoming #3 Awg Copper conductors. But it also appears the load center is rated at 60 AMP (It says A. 60 240V on the front). The sub-panel is a GE load center 125 AMP max Breaker set up. I have reported it as 60 AMP and now I am not sure since I rarely see a set up like this let known fused as oppose to breakers. I hope you can somehow blow up the photo to get a closer look. There is also double tapping and such and all was written up. Okay fellas beat this one up and let me know if I am correct to say 60 AMP. Realtors get funny when it comes to reporting 60 AMP service.
Thanks in advance and Happy Easter!

Randy, what feeds the newer distrubution panel?

Any better pics?


I apologize I have no better pics but the incoming to the newer panel is #6 AWG Copper. Hope this helps!

Was it fed by the range “pullout” or doubled up with the incoming #3?

I will look up the report and get back to you. Off to Easter Mass! Thanks for your help so far.
PS: Been a brutal Electrical week for me!:slight_smile:

Weakest link in the chain It says 60 amp then thats what it is.

Kids are not quite ready to go! It is fed by the “pull out” on the right side. I am weak with fused anything so the more you can give me the less I have to bug you all with it later;-) Gotta go Catholic Easter mass lasts like a million years. I will check back later!

PS: Cookie, agreed!

I am betting this is 100a service with a split bus panel using the right pullout to feed the GE breaker panel at 60a.

That’s a 100A service. The “sub” is off the 50 or 60 amp “range” fuses.
One pullout kills the fuses, the other kills the new breaker panel.

Mike I didn’t see any double lugging on the 60a pullout or the main lugs (zooming the picture)
My guess is the range got moved to the lower left 2 pole breaker.

From my experience, those types of panels typically have 60 - 100 amp cartridge fuses for the main fuse. I never know for sure because I’m not about to pull them out to check. You can get a good idea by looking for the label on the panel. The second panel is fed through the second set of cartridge fuses which would be rated at 40 - 60 amps.

BTW - to enlarge the photo view try CTRL+. (hold the ctrl key while pressing =/+ key) It works on my Windows XP with explorer 7.

That’s the way I saw it too. Tough to tell from the small pics.

Should be a 60 Amp Service then agree?

This panel appears to be a 60 amp service. Cartridge fuses rated for 100 amps typically have 1/2 inch copper blades at each end. This makes them longer than 60 amp cartridge fuses. Usually a 100 amp panel with a single main pull-out is located at the top of the panel all by itself. Not side by side with another pull-out.
BTW The main is the left pull-out.

No this looks like 100amp. There is no “main” hence no 100a fuses. It is a split bus panel. One pullout goes to the plug fuse array in the bottom and the other is now feeding the breaker panel. The rails behind the pullouts are hot all the time.

And the “Range” main is on the right.

I think calling either of the pullouts a “main” is going to be misleading. The one on the left is simply a disconnect for the plug fuses and the one on the right used to be for the range (or some other large appliance), now it disconnects the breaker panel. Pulling either one does not disconnect the other side.
This is a classic case of the < 6 disconnect rule. There are 2. Some of these panels could have more pullouts. I have seen 4 and I suppose 6 would be possible. Marc is our expert on antique hardware.

I think this may help fellas! Enlarged and another photo thrown. The front cover said A. 60 and 240V which was my first indication of 60 AMP fused. The left “pull out” is the incoming service connection #3 Copper. The right “pull out” has #6 Copper to the sub-panel (newer).

Not really.

I’d rather see this subpanel under the range pullout than the subfeed lugs.

This install looks like good work, to me, save for the fact that they didn’t feed it with 4-wire.

Marc I was just referring to the fact that pulling either one will not drop power to the whole panel like most people think of when they say “main” AKA Service Disconnect"

The “mains” of a split buss panel don’t dump the whole panel either. A main is still a main, without regard to how much of the connected load it disconnects. Feel free to make some arbitrary distinction if it gets you hard. You might note that a new panel will come with stickers for this use. It will have one sticker that says “service disconnect” and many stickers that say “main”. There is, indeed, a difference. Just because a certain portion of the population might not be aware of this difference is no reason to pretend the distinction does not exist.