InspectorPages 2 Updates

Hi all!

I’m customizing templates on the new InspectorPages 2 website for home inspectors. Check it out here:

Create a profile by clicking “Create a New Account” (right beneath the username/password box), play around with the templates, edit your pages, and report any bugs you find on this thread!

We have a hundred templates total, but the ones working for InspectorPages 2 so far are:

  • 72 Class
  • Almost Spring
  • Ambiru
  • Borderline Chaos

As I finish the other templates, I’ll be posting updates here. Let me know if you have any questions!

Tim Eaton,
InterNACHI Web Developer

All the templates work right now, so feel free to play around with other ones; most just need some cleaning up. Tim’s joined us again for a while to do that clean up, ensuring that all InspectorPages themes are the highest quality possible. Thanks Tim!

Alright! Two new themes are up: Check out Anubis and Andreas09. Try switching the colors in Andreas09, there’s a lot you can do to customize it!

And check out Benevolence and Batavia. Clean, simple themes!

Well, I will try to get an answer again.

I could never get an answer to my question about my home page disappearing. Been over a month that I posted the question on IP2.
When you use the following link it says “NOT FOUND”. Any help out there???

Where is that?


The changes that Tim is making should fix your problem too. Try one of the themes he’s posted and see if that works. If so, you just have to wait for him to finish on the theme you’re using. If not, get in touch with me and I’ll take a look.


Alright - all the themes on the first page are cleaned up and working. What template are you using, Ken?


Try out the Crop Circles theme on page two!

These themes are finished now, also:
Citrus Island
Clean Tidy
Cordoba Green Park
Daisy Rae Gemini

If you build a site, post it here so I can see how everyone’s using it!

System seems very customizable! :smiley:

Chris, Tim, Nick…

Would one of you please respond to Scott’s question…

Thanks… Jeff

Hey Ken -

Your site’s working now:

If anyone else here has had a similar problem, let me know so I can fix it!

Also, pages 3 and 4 of the InspectorPages themes are ready to go!

Page 5 of the themes is ready now, too!

Thanks for your hard work on this project Tim!

Thanks so much for the fix.

Alright, all the themes on the site are cleaned up and ready for use! Let me know if any of you see any bugs.

Next up: Chris and I are developing more inspector-oriented themes… Look for them on this thread!

I can’t wait!

With our inspector themes, you’ll be able to customize images, add certification logos, list InterNACHI recommended articles to educate your clients, and more! We’re testing it all out right now, so keep checking back for updates…

Tim’s got the first Inspector theme in the works, and I’m upgrading the whole system for added stability. We’re also moving to a new server cluster, so things should be a little faster soon. Lastly, I plan on turning on some of the more advanced SEO features soon, so we should see a boost in rankings (right now, because the site is in BETA, we don’t want to push SEO too much—there are a bunch of reasons for this, but it mostly has to do with how Google crawls the web).


I’ve added the old InspectorPages theme to InspectorPages2. Look for the theme “InspectorPages Classic”.