Free NACHI web sites get two upgrades

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that just got two big upgrades. The first is that now all NACHI members can use a domain name on free of charge. Rather than having as your Web address, you can have This feature is available now, for free to all NACHI members at (just click the “BASIC PLUS” link).

We’ve also added a fantastic new template to the site that is also available for free to all NACHI members. You can see a demo of this new template at . I’m very excited about this feature and hope to upload more high quality templates in the future.

Both features are part of the “BASIC PLUS” plan that I’ve decided to offer completely free to all NACHI members. If you don’t already have in site, now’s a great time to sign up for one.

Sign up now at


Very nice!

for those of us with long company names is it possible to get the company name on 2 lines?

THIS is great! I don’t remember that being on the old template. Thanks!

Thanks Chris. I love it!

I forget, is there a way to log into the pages to make changes? If not, how can we change templates?

You just have to go in like you were starting new and change to the new template when it asks which one you want.

Great job.

speaking of websites, what site won Website of the year!!! was that announced…maybe I missed it.

Mike, add up the votes and you decide.

Your company name is on two lines:

I don’t see anywhere I can add my email for the “contact me” page. It says email form not set up. Any help would be appreciated.

I think that info comes from your profile.

Wow Chris you have a lot of green rating boxes. I did not realize that more than one was possible. Many people are going to have green box envy.

That is the benefit of designing the system. I gave him a disapprove simply because I felt he had to many green boxes.

But it appears that we can only vote on someone once. I guess that is a good thing since I would be sitting here 24/7 voting against Windy.

That’s why they put in the safeguards Greg. To keep people like you from unfairly tilting the balances in the wrong direction.

Chris, it looks great, but I may have messed up . . .
First I put in a name I would like to have for a domain name, but without a “.com” and was told there may be a typo error with it.

Not realizing that the lack of a “.com” may have been the issue, I typed in my existing “” and it accepted it.

Does this mean that my existing will be switched over to this format? I don’t want that, as I want to keep what I have.

Also, it was not clear to me if we were supposed to purchase a domain name before starting the process you described above, or if this would be some kind of (hidden code?) NACHI domain.

If I didn’t state myself clearly, please give me a call!

At any rate, I don’t want my existing cdaInspector template changed . . .



That’s what’s going to happen Russell. It will switch it unless you contact your host company.

I just went to the new web site design and changed to the new template. now the second line is partially cut off, not showing my full business name.
Is that something I should be ale to fix?
Thank’s, Jim…


Nothing will change unless you change your DNS settings with the company you bought the domain with (your Registrar). As long as you don’t make those changes, you’re fine.

Once you have the domain name set up at you have to go to your registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions, et cetera) and set your NAME SERVERS to the name servers provided to you when you signed up at

You must use a domain name that you’ve purchased for this system. You can either purchase it before or after you set it up with