Free InspectorPages BETA Web Site

Hey folks,

So the original plan was to do a small, limited beta of the new InspectorPages system, but I thought I’d open it up a little more. Anyone who wants to is free to test out the new InspectorPages 2.0 beta. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We are actively developing this system still so it might will break.
  • We plan on adding many more features, so if something is missing, just suggest it in the Help/Support section.
  • The domain name will change when we leave beta. Anything at will move to when we’re done. That means you shouldn’t market the current URL 'cause it will change.
  • I would HIGHLY recommend not using this system for a “production” site yet, as things are changing rapidly.

Warnings in mind, I encourage you to play with the system and feel free to try to break it.

You can sign up at


I am here as a resource for those who have further questions. Tear it up!

All the Best,

Shannon Coe
Director of Business Development

Hi Chris,

I wanted to try to break it but it’s bust already… it won’t let me log in :frowning:



Hi Gerry,
Have you tried creating a new account?

Shannon Coe

Awesome…I love it. I did attempt to break this up a bit…I threw it up against the wall and it simply bounced back into an upright position.

Fantastic job Chris and Shannon.

Hi Gerry, long time no see Buddy.

No :(, I though it would accept my NACHI username and password :shock:

Just shows how wrong you can be :wink:



Thank you for your hard work, the inspector pages are clean and easy to use.

Very nice!

Nice job Chris!:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard Shannon!:smiley:


I signed up to be a tester but did not get any feedback…when will the new inspectorpages be ready for all INACHI members?


Just go to and sign up to get immediate access. This is still the beta, though, the live site will probably be launched in 2-4 weeks.


Hey folks,

I added a little intro video on how InspectorPages 2.0 works. It’s pretty fast, so you might not catch everything, but it gives a good overview of most of the features and shows how to get around the admin system. Check it out:


Hi Frank-Thanks I am happy to be here. Please do let me know if you should need anything at all.


Inspectors-Try designing your site with a different theme to have more sidebar options!

Shannon Coe
Director of Business Development

Can you put your blog/rss on as pages?


To change your password on the new InspectorPages, first log in and on the left navigation column select the Users drop down menu, click ‘Your Profile’, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see ‘New Password’. You will enter your new desired password in both boxes. Be sure to click, “Update Profile,” so the information is saved.


Shannon Coe
Director of Business Development


Can you go to the InspectorPages Support site and post your question with a little more detail there? Do you want your blog/news entries to show on the home page? Or do you want to list your blog/news entries on a specific page? Or something else?



A Baylor University business study on how consumers pick real estate agents determined that the consumer visiting the agent’s website was pretty critical:
Probably true for inspectors.