Inspectors have a lot to be thankful for

Inspectors have a lot to be thankful for: We can’t be downloaded. We can’t be off-shored. We can’t be replaced by robots. And computer algorithms don’t crawl in attic spaces.

Someone who knows what to look for has to go in that house. We’re essential. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Thanks, Nick. I concur. We all have much thanks to give.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

PS Left overs can be sent to my current civic address and no I am not allergic to turkey dinners, cranberries, pumpkin pie and a good night snuggle from a willing companion of the opposite sex.
PS: Any Snuggle Offers taken up, I drink de-caff in the morning if you know my meaning.

I’ll second that!

…and, that, too!

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Thankful for the forum and all the different characters we meet, Great info, and small talk. :grinning:


That’s what I thought but…

Looking for a career that I won’t become OBSOLETE

Stay in Canada Robert :canada: :sunglasses: they won’t except your views in the U.S. Even though you said “WILLING” LOL

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I think I will for now.
Happy thanksgiving, Charles.
Keep safe!

I did.
Do you have a alternative holiday for Thanksgiving? @ryoung7

Yes, Charles. October.
Happy you had a good thanksgiving.
Many poor souls did not unfortunately. My heart goes out to them.

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Drones and IR cameras and crawlers make us even more essential, not less. Those products don’t do inspections, they need us to do anything.

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Thanks Nick

Kind thoughts…


Morning, Larry.
Hope this posts finds you well.

Larry, I set out on a special mission based upon the underlying fundamentals that InterNACHI and our organizations founding father Nick Gromicko based this wonderful organization on, Giving/Helping others through personal philanthropy.

Many are jobless in North America. I set out to hire someone out of work to help me and proposition other InterNACHI home and building inspectors to do the same.
Even if it’s one day a week that individual needs to feel wanted and be able to feed and house themselves.
Not only did I hire someone to carry my tools, I am teaching them to help themselves by becoming a home inspector. Marc joined InterNACHI and is on his way to becoming a CPI.

Everyone that knows Nick Gromicko knows Nick Gromicko works tirelessly to promote the home inspection industry and to advocate for inspectors across North America and beyond through education, training and support. Nick, “You’re The Best!” The least I can do is to follow your winning strategy.

Amen Brother!!! God Bless!!!