Inspectors have much to be thankful for.

  • They can’t download us.
  • They can’t off-shore us.
  • They can’t replace us with robotics.
  • Millions need our services, every year, year after year.
  • Our work isn’t physically unhealthy.
  • Our work isn’t boring and is different every day.
  • We meet new people every week.
  • We do good work that helps others, prevents injury, and saves lives.
  • Our customers are local.
  • We’re our own bosses and our success is within our own control.

Happy Thanksgiving.

That’s us!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


Thank you Nick.

AND we have InterNACHI and staff to help us with anything we need :slight_smile:

Yes indeed!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving Nick and to your staff. :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Indeed :slight_smile: !

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Well said Nick.

I am very grateful to be a home inspector and to be a part of this organization.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I am blessed that I have been able to provide for myself & family for over 30 years.
In spite of myself, people still call everyday & want to give me money for something!

Now that is something to be happy for :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving to Nick and the InterNACHI team and all my fellow inspectors far and wide.

very nice

To all the inspectors who will read this, whether you’re a Spectacular customer or not, whether you’re a lover, hater, colleague or competitor of Spectacular, I personally want to say thanks to you and the inspection industry for everything you have done for me and my family. Thanks for existing and being yourselves… I love you all and I wish you many successful years ahead…

Aaron Johnson
Application Architect
Spectacular Home Inspection System