Inspectors Quarterly Paper

I just received the IQ for Dec 2005. I saw an interseting article about MOUSE PADS FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS.

QUOTE The NACHI mouse pad is free upon request to any licensed real estate agent. Nachi will eventually put a mouse pad on every real estate agents desk.

So does this mean the original mouse pad promo is back, where you join NAchi and send in your real estate agents names and addresses and nachi sends them the mouse pads? That was the original offer. This article in IQ is bringing up the past, Which was never fulfilled.

When is the estimated date of completion. Which states are first. How many have been delivered “free”.

I know some agents who seem to have to heads, do they get 2 mouse pads ???

Probably will get zero, for free.

Over the years with what NACHI periodically sends out and with what NACHI subidizes members to send out (we pay up to 50% for members to create their own and put them in the field) NACHI has put out hundreds of thousands of promotional items to REALTORs.

I don’t think the project will ever have a completion date… it will go on forever and ever.

We just (last week) approved a 50% subsidy for a member who is shipping (or hand delivering) 2,500 himself.

By the way, we prefer to do joint ventures with members over doing it ourselves. For instance, with paying for the entire nice mousepad cost, shipping to NACHI costs, shipping from NACHI to each REALTOR costs, labor costs, and overhead it costs NACHI about $18 to get a gel wrist mousepad with on the desk of a REALTOR (and that isn’t nearly as effective as having a local member hand deliver it). However if we purchase 50% of the space on a member created mousepad (which costs us less than $3) we can get 6 mousepads with on the desks of 6 REALTORs for the same $18.

Furthermore, even though we pay up to 50% of the manufacture costs, we only end up paying 17% of the total project costs when we joint venture with a member.

Did the deluxe mousepad promotion almost one year ago with NACHI re-imbursing 50%…best promo I’ve ever done. I would highly recommend this promotion to every NACHI member. Just did an inspection **today **as a matter of fact…realtor just looked at the mousepad on his desk for my phone number. They’re still on their desks a year later:shock: :shock:

If anyone is contemplating this idea, don’t give it a second thought. I wrestled with this decision for quite some time before I decided to give it shot, as it’s not cheap. But I’m here to tell you, it was well worth the money and effort:D 3rd full year inspecting and my sales numbers went nuts. 4th year…expecting even more.

Thank-you again Nick and NACHI

PS. How many promo items have you tried that the original recipient still has and uses a year later? Incredible:shock:

Great feedback, Darrell-
I’ve thought of this, but have yet to create the spare bucks (I relocated my biz from Colo a year ago).

Your note just brought it up a notch on the priority list!


Russell: I did’nt have any spare cash either, I borrowed the money:shock: . Then I went and hand delivered one to each realtor and front end secretary in the city, plus a few of my brochures of course. We have about 160 Realtors in our city. The one on one approach is the best bang for your buck, it’s personal and gives you the best chance of selling yourself and your commodity.

I’d do it again in a heart beat:D :smiley:

We have closer to 1,000, so I’d have to do that in increments!

Hi guys and gals. Happy and prosperous New Year to all.
Regarding the mouse pad promotion, Where did you purchase the pads. It sounds like a winner.
Thanks, John

John, I got them from Supertees. Ken Trice who is a member of NACHI is the owner/operator, look him up.

1,000 Realtors would be easy to market to. We actively have 4,000 agents here in Myrtle Beach, SC. With an 80% turn over rate, it makes it tough to market to new Realtors.


Hey everybody i just wanted to let you know that we are still doing the mousepads for nachi. Nachi is still willing to do the 50/50 split with members on this promotion so if you have any questions give me a shout. We have also many new promotional items such as shirts ,hats,jackets just about anything you need to promote your business. We have a new email address and new phone numbers so here they are:
Ken Trice

Hi Nick,

I would like to do this for MIC. Is this program still available?

Start a new thread as many who read this don’t check the date of this old thread, but yes we do them regularly. Here is a nice one that I particularly like because it has InterNACHI and IAC2 logos both.

Hi all,

The Pads are working great, just passed some out today!

I would recommend doing this venture, well worth the money. Thanks for the compliment on the design Nick!

Ray T.

Hi Guys,

I emailed Trice for info. Ray did you get the pads from them? If not where? Thanx in advance…

Start a new thread (someone dragged out this ancient thread) and I’ll tell you where to get them at a great deal… plus InterNACHI pays up to 50% of the cost.

I did, I did…

Ray, could you give me information on the company that designed your mouse pad? I would like to have some made.


Dave Hetrick