link added to the bottom of every CMI search.

The Master Inspector Certification Board has graciously added a link to the bottom of every CMI search so that in case we don’t have a CMI in that area or in case consumers are unsatisfied with the search, they are directed to to search for InterNACHI members.

Here is the addition to the CMI search:

CMI’s just got sold out!


Sorry guys, but did you honestly think Nick was doing all these upgrade ONLY for you???

Strange how most who complain about the CMIs are not one .
I wonder are they that Jealous of those who are a CMI???

Same old insecure (or is it insane) Roy. Still thinks the world is jealous of him. HA! :lol:

You again confirm what I say you must be jealous for you follow me around like a lost puppy .
I can see no other reason but jealousy for you to follow me .
I have no idea why you continue to do it .
Does it make you feel good to bring up my age and experience constantly.

Don’t flatter yourself old man. It is misplaced.

I follow the “New Posts” button at the top, as most others do. It’s not my fault you post your inane crap and I click the “New Posts” button… and there you are in all your self-absorbed idiocy.

I do not need flattery I do as I have done from the get go help when I can .
and will defend my self from those like you.
Same old Roy from the get go.
I again ask what do you hope to gain with attacking me.

InterNACHI and the MICB help each other in many ways. Cross promoting each others inspectors is just one way.

Worked great for

and still does

He says clearly if you are not happy with the search.
Although there are several individuals in this group that should not be Inspecting the list is better than what we used to have.
The list is generic just the way it should be.
Let the Client decide who is the best by there own research.

My thinking is that it is another backup net in the stream. If a CMI doesn’t catch the inspection job from the CMI site, we want a fellow InterNACHI member to get it.

Great Idea !