All new Certified Master Inspector site released!

Nice, clean and to the point. I like the new logo also.

Thanks Nick and InterNACHI

OUTSTANDING Nick! Great job!

Yes very clean and much more directive.
Look forward to the new logos and I think these ones I will put velcro on the back so they don’t need to get washed with the shirt.

When I type in my zipcodes around my area, I am not listed. Please email me when this is resolved. Thanks!

Hi James -

Sorry about the discrepancy. We sent out emails to everyone - since not all of the CMIs are with InterNACHI - about updating their address, and added them. Some of those emails must have gotten lost in the ether… But you’re in there now, based on your InterNACHI profile!

To anyone else reading this thread - if you don’t see yourself listed, send your address, email, phone, and website to I’ll make sure you’re in there right away. Also, since CMI is independent from InterNACHI, if you change your address, CMI won’t be able to tell. You’ll need to send your updated contact info.

Keep my email address on file and I’ll take care of it!


When I put in my zip 75009 I get the following message

There are no CMIs in Paris, IDF. Find an Inspector with InterNACHI’s

I am in Celina TX not Paris



Hi! That’s a very odd bug - our geocoder chose the zip code in France over Texas! It should be fixed now.

Thanks Tim. CMI site lookin’/workin’ better every day.

I love the scroll affect when you view it on a Note book or I phone.
CMI pops right out at you!


ID badge or card with picture for CMI would you consider. I have people who ask to see my CMI ID. Just wondering Nick.

What do I have to do to download a new CMI certificate,
that incorporates the new CMI logo ?

btw I like the idea of a wallet size photo CMI identity card with the new logo.

David Verge, CMI

me too

when I search Arizona - tucson does not show up. When I search the zip, it shows up. Tucson is part of Az and should show up under Az. I wonder what other zips are missing?

Nice work.
I am sure we all have been watching it get better for weeks now.
Great Job.

Where is the French version?

Hi Mark -

The search doesn’t work by state, like the old one. You can search by zip code or by city and state, and it will pull up results within a 100-mile radius.

When you enter Arizona, it assumes a central point and then gives you inspectors within a 100 miles, which is why Tucson doesn’t show up.


Then the state search option should be removed

OK - I’ve expanded the search to include Tucson.

There actually isn’t a “state option” - the instructions state zip code or city and state. However, the geocoding is much more powerful than that, and allows you to put in any address and pinpoint the inspectors closest to your location.

I wouldn’t worry about it - most clients will just enter their zip code, as it says in the search box.


Expanding to 200 miles solves the issue for nearly all searches on state only, which almost never occur.